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Dress to impress – Engelhorn on its way into the digital future

Founded by Georg Engelhorn and Adam Sturm in 1890 as a business selling apparel for men and boys, the fashion and sportswear and equipment store Engelhorn – located in the heart of the ‘City of Squares’ Mannheim – is one of the leading addresses within the Rhein-Neckar region today. Spread out over more than 41,000 square metres across eight neighbouring buildings, the company employs a workforce of around 1,400 employees, all offering customers a unique shopping experience. With a chocolaterie, an exquisite flower stand, Michelin-star restaurants, a wine shop, events and a Tesla motorcar showroom as the most recent highlight, the fashion store is proud to be a truly special place for its customers to spend time. Fabian Engelhorn, the fourth generation to run the operations of this family enterprise, spoke with us about how he is preparing his company for the digital future.

engelhorn case study
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MDM expert Oliver Hach joins parsionate

At the beginning of this year, Oliver Hach joined the sales and marketing team at parsionate. He is focused on developing new customers and business opportunities in the Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality Management and Business Process Management markets. He is also an expert on GDPR, the new European regulation that is a critical issue for many businesses as it will significantly affect how they gather, store and manage personal data.

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Heading for new shores – The General Data Protection Regulation as an opportunity

The revised General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in spring 2016 and will have to be adhered to by all companies within the European Union from next year onwards. Progress has been slow in light of the comprehensive changes and tightening regulations which companies are now faced with. Nevertheless, businesses will be unable to avoid implementing the extensive measures and substantial changes to their company structure. While feared by many, the decreed change does contain substantial opportunities for companies.

GDPR as an opportunity

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Focus-Business: parsionate is one of the top employers in the SME sector in the German-speaking world.

parsionate was named as TOP Employer SME 2018 by FOCUS Line Extensions GmbH. We are one of the best employers of SMEs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This is the result of a study conducted by Focus-Business in cooperation with kununu.com, the employer rating portal for employees, apprentices and applicants.

Focus Business: Top Arbeitgeber des Mittelstands

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Entity Group and Parsionate Announce “Master Data Advisors” Partnership Providing Global Clients with Top Level Expertise and Scale from Local Companies.

parsionate and Entity Group today announced a partnership between the two companies called Master Data Advisors to provide global enterprises with greater choice when selecting a partner to advise on and implement data management solutions.

Master Data Advisors Logo

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White Paper GDPR – action strategy

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force – without exception. Is your business ready for it? Our White Paper on the GDPR will help ease the uncomfortable feeling brought about by the rather difficult “Where-should-I-start” question. It outlines the main points of the GDPR and the first steps towards compliance with the new directives. One thing is clear: implementing the GDPR is no easy feat. Nevertheless – or rather precisely for this reason, businesses should start implementing measures laid out in the Regulation as soon as possible. There is a lot to do!

White Paper about GDPR

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NEOCOM 2017: Take care of your Data!

During the last two days the NEOCOM 2017 focused on Best Cases and Business Insights of leading companies. We were there and have heard speakers saying, “The digital transformation takes place along new Data Streams” or “Know your Touchpoints”. The one thing all statements had in common: You should take care of your Data!

neocom 2017: Know your Tuchpoints

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4 years of parsionate

Dear colleagues,

this year our company celebrates its fourth anniversary. After only four years, parsionate is now part of the approximately 4% of the German companies that have a turnover of over 5 million euros and the 2% with more than 50 employees.

Happy Birthday!

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