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parsionate @ Informatica World Tour 2017 - Enterprise Could Data Management

Entity Group and Parsionate Announce “Master Data Advisors” Partnership Providing Global Clients with Top Level Expertise and Scale from Local Companies.

parsionate and Entity Group today announced a partnership between the two companies called Master Data Advisors to provide global enterprises with greater choice when selecting a partner to advise on and implement data management solutions.

Master Data Advisors Logo

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White Paper GDPR – action strategy

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force – without exception. Is your business ready for it? Our White Paper on the GDPR will help ease the uncomfortable feeling brought about by the rather difficult “Where-should-I-start” question. It outlines the main points of the GDPR and the first steps towards compliance with the new directives. One thing is clear: implementing the GDPR is no easy feat. Nevertheless – or rather precisely for this reason, businesses should start implementing measures laid out in the Regulation as soon as possible. There is a lot to do!

White Paper about GDPR

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NEOCOM 2017: Take care of your Data!

During the last two days the NEOCOM 2017 focused on Best Cases and Business Insights of leading companies. We were there and have heard speakers saying, “The digital transformation takes place along new Data Streams” or “Know your Touchpoints”. The one thing all statements had in common: You should take care of your Data!

neocom 2017: Know your Tuchpoints

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4 years of parsionate

Dear colleagues,

this year our company celebrates its fourth anniversary. After only four years, parsionate is now part of the approximately 4% of the German companies that have a turnover of over 5 million euros and the 2% with more than 50 employees.

Happy Birthday!

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Automatic text generation – a fast and efficient way to generate customized texts

Bots are considered the next big thing in the digital age. The new retail frontier is all about smart voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Co. and self-learning and intelligent chatbots. We’re surrounded by them. They are transforming the customer experience, significantly raising customers’ expectations and increasing demands on Product Information Management.

Automatic text generation – a fast and efficient way to generate customized texts

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Mastering GDPR – Master Data Management is your first step

When it comes to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), many companies appear to be paralyzed. Although the regulation comes into force in May 2018, many have not yet even begun to implement the new guidelines. It appears that the requirements are too great and too far-reaching, and it’s therefore very difficult to take the first step. The GDPR sets out fundamental changes in the management of personal data: Its primary focus is the storage and use of data, as well as consent from the individual. In future, every company that manages or stores personal data of EU citizens must know what data is stored where and how exactly it is used. In addition, the consent of the data owner (the person affected) for precisely this storage and use must be verifiable and the data correct.
Anyone not fulfilling the requirements can expect staggeringly high fines of up to 4% of the company’s turnover or 20 million euros.

Poor data quality causes costs in various business divisions.

Poor data quality causes costs in various business divisions.

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Informatica EMEA Data Governance & Compliance Summit

At present, Data Governance and Compliance are the subject of particular attention due to the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). On the EMEA Data Governance & Compliance Summit Informatica presented their software solutions to support customers with the GDPR regulations, data quality and data security. Furthermore, the attendees gained great insights by presentations of Best Practices from Informatica customers.

Informatica EMEA Data Governance Comliance Summit 2017

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Informatica EMEA MDM 360 Summit: Be an intelligent disruptor!

Data is the critical foundation for everything

Digitisation is all around us and it happens in every industry. The choice companies have to make is a rather simple one: You can either drive the business as a leader or desperately try to catch up. On the EMEA MDM 360 Summit Informatica encouraged the attendees to be a disrupter, be ambitious and to rethink their businesses. For those who are afraid Ron Matusof, VP Advanced Customer Engineering, recommends: The thing about innovation is, that your idea never existed before so you cannot make the perfect plan. Just make the best decision you can with the information you have and stay flexible.

Informatica EMEA MDM 360 Summit, Amsterdam: Opening

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parsionate successfully completes management buyout and funding round

Some of you know our company since it was founded in the autumn of 2013. Our colleagues and we are grateful for the encouragement and support we have received from you over the past few years. When we decided, in summer 2013, to set up a company, we could not possibly have imagined that, only three years later, we would be employing more than 60 people at different locations. But we were confident that with our focus on processes to support digitisation we had found an issue that would be very important to our customers at home and abroad.

Today, parsionate is one of the fastest growing companies with this kind of portfolio in Europe. And we will continue to accelerate our growth: As part of a management buyout, parsionate’s management team and two commercial investors acquired RS Media Group AG’s shares of our company. In addition, the parsionate Group GmbH was founded as a holding company.


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