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Informatica World Tour 2016 Switzerland #IWT16

Yesterday the conference about “All Things Data” took place in Zurich. In their opening Dirk Häussermann and Oliver Schröder aroused the audience’s curiosity about the following presentations by explaining the aim of the event: To map the happenings in the world with stories about what Informatica is doing.

In their opening Dirk Häussermann and Oliver Schröder aroused the audience’s curiosity about the following presentations by explaining the aim of the event: To map the happenings in the world with stories what Informatica is doing.

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Ideal Product Data For Sales – A Vision Becomes Reality

Martin Reinke, Manager of E/D/E, in conversation with PROKOM

With its new electronic data centre (eDC) E/D/E offers its members what they need the most for sales: ideal product data.

The eDC will provide retailers with the complete manufacturer product data in a new, comprehensive classification standard, at the highest quality and prepared by goods experts. The central data pool will relieve PVH members as well as industrial partners. Furthermore, it will ensure that the complete product data is integrated into the retailer system and that
the most diverse of electronic distribution systems can be optimally used.

This article was also published in the Q3/2015 issue of the German Magazin “Prokom – Das Produktkulturmagazin”.
Download the complete article as PDF.

Read more about eDC on the website of E/D/E.


priint:day // June 1&2

The leading event for Multichannel-Publishing enters the 7th round!

Take this opportunity: Inform yourself about the digital Business Transformation and Digital Publishing. The experts of parsionate will be there as well!


bevh 2.015: Product Data, Content Marketing and SEO

Yesterday, the bevh 2.015 in Hamburg ended after two extremely interesting days. All kinds of visitors from the mail order business were, as in the years before, very positive about high-class speakers and interesting topics.

During many talks, workshops and speeches, the topics Content Marketing, Product Data Management and SEO emerged as the top priorities relevant for the retail business this year.

Although parsionate did not make it to win the final of the table soccer cup, we call the two days a great success full of interesting and challenging conversations as well as a splendid workshop about “Content Marketing and E-Commerce: a contradiction?”, held by our Principal Business Consultant Michael Weiss.



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Parsionate Add-Ons for Informatica PIM

InformaticaLOGOAssisting clients in the software selection process and in the design phase as well as long-standing expertise in technical implementation – this portfolio is one of parsionate’s key assets. Recently , the first parsionate add-ons for Informatica PIM have been officially released on the Informatica Marketplace. All Informatica PIM clients will now be able to benefit from their advantages in projects: these add-ons save valuable time and help reducing risks in projects.

For example, the Delta Assortment Assembler for PIM minimizes time needed for a data export. Data can be supplied more often to connected systems, such as, for example, online shops, thus drastically reducing the time-to-market.

All parsionate’s add-ons can easily be customized to suit specific customer needs and are therefore quickly integrated and ready to use.
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Once upon a time: the history of retail without price transparency

Do you still remember? The ski holiday is due and you are totally up to buy a new pair of ski, to really enjoy the snow! You are visiting the sport equipment supplier of your confidence and having a look on the different models of ski. Slowly an insecurity develops within yourself: rather an all-mountain or a carver, freestyle or high-performance ski? But fortunately, a friendly salesman appears: “How can I help you?” A typical consultation follows: you are you skiing on prevalent pistes or also in deep snow? Do you make full use of the piste, with big bounds or would you like to ski a little faster down the mountain? The salesman recommends a model and explains the advantages. After a critical look on the price, he suggest one or two more inexpensive alternatives. You choose the attractive design and head off to the cash desk with anticipation.


Source: Showrooming and the rise of the mobile-assisted shopper,
Matthew Quint, David Rogers, Center of Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School

Unfortunately this history more and more belongs to the category „one upon a time“ for many retailers. Normally the customers will not enter the sport shop clueless anymore, they first seek information about the desired products on the internet – If they still make it to the stationary shops at all and do not buy online. Latest after the consultation of the salesman, they start to compare prices of the desired models in the internet – and it will not be a happy end for the salesman if they find a cheaper selling price there.

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Buying behavior in B2B: Welcome to the world of customer journey and omnichannel!

B2B-goes-B2C For numerous of our larger customers, a trend plainly looms: the change of the buying behavior in the B2B e-commerce area has begun!

While previously basic agreements have agreed guaranteed prices and conditions, and defined from which suppliers which goods were to be procured, this behavior liberalizes more and more and issues new challenges to B2B e-commerce.

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Event highlights in April: bevh 2.015 and ECC-Forum

E-Commerce is your passion? Join us at the following Event-Highlights in April:

• bevh 2.015 // 15-16th April, Hamburg // www.bevh2015.de

• ECC-Forum // 21st April, Cologne // www.eccforum.de

We look forward to welcoming you personally to this events at our stand.
Do not have your tickets yet? Order your rebated tickets now at marketing@parsionate.com


„The charm of editing in preview mode” or – data maintenance can be so simple.

A well-known feature of web CMS for some of you, is also available in the Informatica PIM since release 7.1: The data maintenance in the context of customer or end user view. This feature does not sound revolutionary but it is a very efficient and simple possibility to directly see the result of how the current data maintenance will affect the description of the product in the web shop.


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Omnichannel-Trends 2015

RS Media Group consists of around 130 highly motivated PIM, e-commerce and print experts – one of Europe‘s leading omnichannel teams.

We have asked our employees to share their predictions for 2015. The result is the following collection of topics related to PIM, e-commerce and print. It was also a nice opportunity to get to know our colleagues a little better.

With this in mind: Enjoy our omnichannel trends for 2015 and see you next year!


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