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Predictions 2017 – Processes, organization and data: We do not need to look into the crystal ball!

Just before Christmas is traditionally the time when industry colleagues and market criers throw around predictions. Of course we, the experts, have to be part of it, too. A quick survey among our colleagues showed that the issues and technologies we will deal with in our customer projects don’t really require a gaze into the crystal ball. Our customers and we are already working on topics and areas that, for most people, will be only be relevant in the near future.

Lightning Surveys - Predictions 2017: Processes, Organization and Data - these topics will concern our customers and us in 2017.

These are, in a nutshell, our new and old themes for 2017

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Why good data is the key to success in e-business

In this fast-paced, digitized age, your customer wants, more than ever, to be put first. Whether B2C or B2B, your customer expects a seamless experience across all channels. The key to it is high-quality master data.

The “modern” consumer expects you to know him – his preferences, his purchase history. He expects you to know exactly what suits him. Whether it be an attachment to his machine or trousers that match his shirt. But in one respect consumer behaviour has not changed, despite digital transformation. Before buying, customers want questions to be answered. They expect, whether online or offline, informative pictures or graphics, detailed descriptions, comprehensive information about the quality of products and preferably some videos, reviews and references. How many questions your customer may have and what is, in his opinion, “comprehensive” and “detailed”, depends on the individual, but also, strongly, on the product itself. However, except for low-cost items, the following is true for all products: if the customer notices missing or incorrect product information, he will not purchase them.


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Translation Management in PIM

Modern businesses expect their product data to be consistently and reliably maintained in PIM. Product data (i.e. product descriptions, marketing texts and media assets) is usually maintained in the original language of publication.

In order to compete internationally and meet consumer expectations in terms of quality of information, data has to be translated into the local language of the targeted market.

Translation Management in PIM

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How EDE conditions its members for omnichannel with PIM and eDC

Creating a real overvalue for their members – with the electronic Data-Center (eDC), EDE, made this vision become reality.

The E/D/E (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH) is Europe’s largest purchasing and marketing association in industrial B2B, with almost 1320 medium-sized trading companies.


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Ideal Product Data For Sales – A Vision Becomes Reality

Martin Reinke, Manager of E/D/E, in conversation with PROKOM

With its new electronic data centre (eDC) E/D/E offers its members what they need the most for sales: ideal product data.

The eDC will provide retailers with the complete manufacturer product data in a new, comprehensive classification standard, at the highest quality and prepared by goods experts. The central data pool will relieve PVH members as well as industrial partners. Furthermore, it will ensure that the complete product data is integrated into the retailer system and that
the most diverse of electronic distribution systems can be optimally used.

This article was also published in the Q3/2015 issue of the German Magazin “Prokom – Das Produktkulturmagazin”.
Download the complete article as PDF.

Read more about eDC on the website of E/D/E.


The difference between being green and being green

Since our customers and subsidiaries are spread across Europe, doing project work at parsionate includes frequent traveling and hotel stays.

Have you ever recognized those small patches or signs in hotel rooms telling you to only drop your towels on the floor if you like new ones and that you should consider the environmental impact before doing so?


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Come to stay – Mobile commerce 2015

Although the term “mobile commerce” has been around for more than a decade, it has only become an increasingly important factor since the introduction of smartphones to the marketplace.

Mobile’s share of online sales has been growing steadily with the proliferation of tablets. It accounted for more than 16 percent of the total online sales worldwide last year1 – in spite of declining sales figures for tablets during the last quarter. If we consider the fact that, in Germany, m-commerce sales has more than doubled last year compared to 2013, the importance of a suitable e-commerce strategy becomes evident.


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Unlimited shopping – omnichannel makes it possible!

Shopping without stress and with comfort – that is what every one of us is looking for. But in our days it is not done with the visit of the shopping street.

Before entering the shops, people do research at home. In the Internet, on their way by using an app or in a settled advertising material like the catalogue, information is gathered. Doing research about brands and finding the most important facts, has meanwhile become an essential part of the customer journey. Many companies know that they are not up to date with their sales bound to stationary commerce and an online shop. So what do we have to do, to increase the customer’s retention in the long run?



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bevh 2.015: Product Data, Content Marketing and SEO

Yesterday, the bevh 2.015 in Hamburg ended after two extremely interesting days. All kinds of visitors from the mail order business were, as in the years before, very positive about high-class speakers and interesting topics.

During many talks, workshops and speeches, the topics Content Marketing, Product Data Management and SEO emerged as the top priorities relevant for the retail business this year.

Although parsionate did not make it to win the final of the table soccer cup, we call the two days a great success full of interesting and challenging conversations as well as a splendid workshop about “Content Marketing and E-Commerce: a contradiction?”, held by our Principal Business Consultant Michael Weiss.



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Omnichannel-Trends 2015

RS Media Group consists of around 130 highly motivated PIM, e-commerce and print experts – one of Europe‘s leading omnichannel teams.

We have asked our employees to share their predictions for 2015. The result is the following collection of topics related to PIM, e-commerce and print. It was also a nice opportunity to get to know our colleagues a little better.

With this in mind: Enjoy our omnichannel trends for 2015 and see you next year!


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