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MDM expert Oliver Hach joins parsionate

At the beginning of this year, Oliver Hach joined the sales and marketing team at parsionate. He is focused on developing new customers and business opportunities in the Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality Management and Business Process Management markets. He is also an expert on GDPR, the new European regulation that is a critical issue for many businesses as it will significantly affect how they gather, store and manage personal data.

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Automatic text generation – a fast and efficient way to generate customized texts

Bots are considered the next big thing in the digital age. The new retail frontier is all about smart voice assistants such as Amazon Echo, Google Home and Co. and self-learning and intelligent chatbots. We’re surrounded by them. They are transforming the customer experience, significantly raising customers’ expectations and increasing demands on Product Information Management.

Automatic text generation – a fast and efficient way to generate customized texts

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Talk to me – Bots in customer communication

The interactive future of digital commerce and its master data requirements

Interactive shopping – on the internet. Two things that, at first glance, are difficult to combine. E-commerce platforms and users/customers usually interact “statelessly”.
Many websites are already offering their customers ways to interact with a customer service team and ask questions through hotlines and live chats. These services are usually labour and cost-intensive. Thus, they are often limited to very expensive and complex products and services. Bots are going to change that.

Conversational Commerce: Getting in Touch whenever and whereever you are

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Predictions 2017 – Processes, organization and data: We do not need to look into the crystal ball!

Just before Christmas is traditionally the time when industry colleagues and market criers throw around predictions. Of course we, the experts, have to be part of it, too. A quick survey among our colleagues showed that the issues and technologies we will deal with in our customer projects don’t really require a gaze into the crystal ball. Our customers and we are already working on topics and areas that, for most people, will be only be relevant in the near future.

Lightning Surveys - Predictions 2017: Processes, Organization and Data - these topics will concern our customers and us in 2017.

These are, in a nutshell, our new and old themes for 2017

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Measuring the ROI of Product Data Quality – Dynamic Investment Appraisal (part 3)

In the first two articles of this series we discussed what steps need to be taken in order to be able to calculate the ROI of product data quality. This part will focus on how to define ROI metrics based on the previously outlined technical metrics to prove with hard figures if data quality will be benefiting the business and whether it will be worth the investment.

ROI von Produktdatenqualität – Anwendung der dynamischen Investitionsrechnung

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Measuring the ROI of Product Data Quality – Project approach (part 2)

In the first part of this series of articles about the “ROI of Product Data Quality” we talked about data quality and the reasons for its increasingly important role. This part will focus on parsionate’s general approach in DQ projects – prerequisites that are necessary in order to be able to reliably measure the ROI of product data quality.

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Measuring the ROI of Product Data Quality (part 1)

Basic principles

We live in the Information Age, an age characterized mainly by an increasing digitalization and exponential data growth. If we are to believe a well-known American market intelligence company, the amount of data being generated annually will grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020 (IDC, 2014). This is about ten times more than in 2013 and corresponds to the staggering amount of 44 billion 1 TB hard disks. We certainly notice that, in our everyday life, more and more devices are equipped with sensors and probably our refrigerators will soon be able to automatically detect when to order new groceries.

This incredible amount of data will need a more efficient data management – not only on an individual level. More and more companies are appointing a CDO (Chief Data Officer) to drive overall data management strategy, implement enterprise-wide data standards and set up data governance initiatives. This central role is supposed to help firms to harness today’s flood of available data and to protect sensitive information from prying eyes.Measure the ROI of Data Quality

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