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Product Data Management at Euronics Belgium

Euronics is both a wholesaler and a retailer and offers a wide range of electrical goods as well as other products: from the latest generation of TVs, cameras and home cinema systems to mixers, coffee machines and GPS devices. Since Euronics’ product range is so vast, their maintenance structure comprises more than 200 structure nodes.


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3 years of parsionate

Dear colleagues, today our company celebrates its third anniversary.

More than 30% of all start-ups fail within the first 3 years. We are still around and we have grown faster than any comparable business in our sector: from 5 to 60 employees, from 0 to 3 locations, from nothing to over 5 million euro annual turnover. Only 10% of the German start-ups have a higher sales volume!


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Impress your customers with perfect Information Logistics!

parsionate is your partner for Omnichannel Commerce: comprehensive consulting, deep knowledge in the leading software solutions, successful implementation and application management. Meet us at #dmexco

parsionate at dmexco 2016 - impress your customers with perfect information logistics!

Why good data is the key to success in e-business

In this fast-paced, digitized age, your customer wants, more than ever, to be put first. Whether B2C or B2B, your customer expects a seamless experience across all channels. The key to it is high-quality master data.

The “modern” consumer expects you to know him – his preferences, his purchase history. He expects you to know exactly what suits him. Whether it be an attachment to his machine or trousers that match his shirt. But in one respect consumer behaviour has not changed, despite digital transformation. Before buying, customers want questions to be answered. They expect, whether online or offline, informative pictures or graphics, detailed descriptions, comprehensive information about the quality of products and preferably some videos, reviews and references. How many questions your customer may have and what is, in his opinion, “comprehensive” and “detailed”, depends on the individual, but also, strongly, on the product itself. However, except for low-cost items, the following is true for all products: if the customer notices missing or incorrect product information, he will not purchase them.


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Informatica World Tour 2016 Switzerland #IWT16

Yesterday the conference about “All Things Data” took place in Zurich. In their opening Dirk Häussermann and Oliver Schröder aroused the audience’s curiosity about the following presentations by explaining the aim of the event: To map the happenings in the world with stories about what Informatica is doing.

In their opening Dirk Häussermann and Oliver Schröder aroused the audience’s curiosity about the following presentations by explaining the aim of the event: To map the happenings in the world with stories what Informatica is doing.

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That’s parsionate …

parsionate is…
Sometimes, we’re asked what parsionate actually is and what it’s standing for. That’s why we’ve decided to show who we are within our “parsionate is …” series on facebook.

Since 1st of April, each day we published a picture showing a typical situation of our parsionate team. Business events, daily challenges, afterwork activities and many more – all these moments stand for our values and what we do – excellence in every way! The feedback we’ve received on the campaign was great as people could better understand and feel what parsionate really is.

Check out our facebook site to discover the whole “parsionate is …” picture series.

You want to be part of this outstanding team? Discover our open job positions here.

parsionate is a fantastic teamparsionate is innovationparsionate is working with excellent partners!
parsionate is hard workparsionate is great customersparsionate is a big chance

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#CustomerReady Summit 2016

Next-Level PIM – master data as keystone of the digital transformation

The Informatica #CustomerReady Summit 2016 took place on 8th April in the Informatica Customer Center in Stuttgart. Also parsionate was present as a sponsor hosting several presentations. In the evening before the event, visitors were invited to take the opportunity to network at an informal come together in a relaxed atmosphere and spend the evening at parsionate with an exciting table soccer championship.

The focus of the event was digital transformation and the effect on the competitiveness of companies – especially the dealing with product information in this regards.

CustomerReady Summit 2016 - Opening Networking on the CustomerReady Summit 2016 by Informatica

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Translation Management in PIM

Modern businesses expect their product data to be consistently and reliably maintained in PIM. Product data (i.e. product descriptions, marketing texts and media assets) is usually maintained in the original language of publication.

In order to compete internationally and meet consumer expectations in terms of quality of information, data has to be translated into the local language of the targeted market.

Translation Management in PIM

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Automated Translation Management for Informatica Product 360

How can translation management be organized in an effective way?

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Mar 22, 10:00 am


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