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priceintelligence rocked the Internet World

Our team can look back on two exciting and successful days on the Internet World 2017. Our conclusion: The new concept of the trade fair is beneficial. Most of all the various lectures and numerous exhibitors convinced and caused a new record number of visitors.

Dennis Pflie presenting priceintelligence at Internet World

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If knowledge is power, market knowledge is the key to commercial success!

The price of a product is determined by the interaction of supply and demand in a market. This is a clear advantage for those who sell unique products. In real life, though, and in virtually every industry, online businesses have to compete in a global marketplace, where there are more and more merchants every year selling exactly the same products. Competitive pressure is steadily increasing, especially in online trading. There are hardly any article or product groups that are not on offer by at least ten other online merchants.

parsionate with priceintelligence at the iBusiness Virtual Conference

In this interview, Dennis Pflie, pricing expert at parsionate, explains how retailers can assert themselves in increasingly intense competition.


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Keeping an eye on prices: The key to a successful pricing strategy

Efficient, dynamic pricing models will play an increasingly important role in commerce.  Digital transformation is changing the customers’ behaviour and buying habits. Consumers are constantly comparing product prices on different portals, e.g. price comparison websites or marketplaces, which increase transparency on the market. Not only individual companies, but the whole economy is subject to an increasing pricing pressure and price wars. Companies that focus on their pricing strategy will benefit from this situation.


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