„The charm of editing in preview mode” or – data maintenance can be so simple.

A well-known feature of web CMS for some of you, is also available in the Informatica PIM since release 7.1: The data maintenance in the context of customer or end user view. This feature does not sound revolutionary but it is a very efficient and simple possibility to directly see the result of how the current data maintenance will affect the description of the product in the web shop.


There is not only a preview in the Informatica PIM of how the product will look like in the own web shop or on marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, but PIM rather enables you to directly change for example the product description in exact the same view.

Thanks to this, the cycles of reworking, data export, analysis and further optimization of article data shorten on a direct result as preview advert of the output or sales channel. This is helpful for the responsible roles to be able to maintain the article data of each output channel in the most efficient way. A very charmful feature in my opinion!

Please find a video of the editing function in the Informatica PIM 7.1 here.


Michael Mezger