Entity Group and Parsionate Announce “Master Data Advisors” Partnership Providing Global Clients with Top Level Expertise and Scale from Local Companies.

parsionate and Entity Group today announced a partnership between the two companies called Master Data Advisors to provide global enterprises with greater choice when selecting a partner to advise on and implement data management solutions.

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Master Data Advisors will give clients that want the highest levels of expertise in MDM and related technologies, the chance to work with local systems integrators across Europe, via a contract with only one company.

Master Data Advisors is the fusion of parsionate and Entity Group’s highly qualified and experienced teams to provide geographical and technological scale across EMEA. Clients can engage with consultants who have a combination of hundreds of years of project experience and multiple successful engagements across the region without needing to work separately with multiple separate vendors. Our joint expertise in MDM, PIM, Data Integration, Data Quality, Information Management Advisory Services and Omnichannel commerce is unparalleled in any other organization.

In the current market, we have seen companies struggle to find a delivery or advisory partner with the right combination of skills, references and scale to deal with multi-country projects. Often the skills reside within smaller, specialist companies like our own but it is mostly the larger consultancies that get considered for projects across multiple regions.

The result of this is usually increased project risk through either a compromise on skill level; project coverage or time frame or all of these. It can also mean increased costs to the customer.

Master Data Advisors is the answer to this gap in the services market providing a one-stop shop to obtain the best expertise, in the right place at the right time. Thereby lowering project risk; obtaining optimal pricing and making the best skills available for all data management projects in a variety of languages.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Entity Group is creating Master Data Advisors with our friend and partner parsionate. Our companies are both individually known as leaders in the Enterprise Information Management space and this partnership will help drive customer success through our skills and the Data Delta method across EMEA” said James Wilkinson, CEO of Entity Group

“To create Master Data Advisors we combined the joint passion for MDM and omnichannel commerce as well as deep knowledge in Data Management and Data Governance of two leading consultancy companies” said Michael Fieg, Managing Partner, parsionate

Crossing the Data Delta: Turn the data you have into the information you need – Published 12 Oct 2016 – by Pete Smith, Jason Edge, Dave Wilkinson, Steve Parry

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