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parsionate Application Management Services – The all-inclusive package for your MDM/PIM system

Increase the productivity of your MDM/PIM system! parsionate‘s Application Management Services are your competent partner for your daily business. Prompt support, reliable maintenance and customized system optimization – our experts ensure optimal operation of your software.

What is needed to run Informatica MDM Product 360?

Based on their long-term experience our experts created the Application Management Landscape for Informatica MDM Product 360. It gives you an overview of all relevant tasks to be performed in order to successfully run Informatica MDM Product 360. Continue reading

parsionate achieves top rating in the Market Performance Wheel

The renowned analysts of TGOA (The Group Of Analysts) decorate parsionate GmbH in the category “PIM Integrator” with top grades. Besides the top rating in the category of the Integrators, parsionate also achieved the respective maximum score in several single disciplines.

parsionate erhält Bestnoten im Market Performance Wheel

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Towards production methods of the future

The real and virtual worlds are becoming ever more entwined, modern information and communication technologies are merging with industrial processes and are consequently changing the production landscape to an increasing degree. Festo examines this change holistically and from various perspectives. As a global player, the company supplies pneumatic and electrical automation technology to factory and process automation customers in more than 200 different sectors. Its products and services are available in 176 countries throughout the world. We talked to Dr Roger Kehl, CIO, and Urda Stieler, Head of IT Sales at Festo, about the digital present and the future of the company.


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#CustomerReady Summit 2016

Next-Level PIM – master data as keystone of the digital transformation

The Informatica #CustomerReady Summit 2016 took place on 8th April in the Informatica Customer Center in Stuttgart. Also parsionate was present as a sponsor hosting several presentations. In the evening before the event, visitors were invited to take the opportunity to network at an informal come together in a relaxed atmosphere and spend the evening at parsionate with an exciting table soccer championship.

The focus of the event was digital transformation and the effect on the competitiveness of companies – especially the dealing with product information in this regards.

CustomerReady Summit 2016 - Opening Networking on the CustomerReady Summit 2016 by Informatica

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Highway to PIM – #4: technical implementation

Businesses can benefit from a PIM system in terms of product data management. With a single source of truth for all product-related data and the possibilities of automation, organizations can save valuable time and resources.

Provided, of course, that you have chosen the right system and that the data structure and the processes are perfectly aligned with your needs.
In the first three articles of this series we described how to proceed in the first stages of a PIM project and gave you some useful tips:

#1: The Business Case
#2: Choosing a PIM System
#3: Business Blueprint

Your Business Plan has been approved, the system has been evaluated and your Business Blueprint is ready? Then let’s get to the next step: The technical implementation of your PIM system.

Highway to PIM - technical implementation

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Highway to PIM – #3: Business Blueprint

In the first two articles of this series we discussed how to decide whether to introduce a PIM system, as well as the challenges inherent in the software vendor selection process. Today we’re going to have a closer look at the pitfalls you should try to avoid when introducing a PIM system in order to make your transition to an efficient information logistics as smooth as possible.

Business Blueprint

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Highway to PIM – #2:Choosing a PIM system

In our last blog article we discussed how to identify the primary goals you want to achieve with a PIM system. Now it’s time to turn them into specific requirements for your future software and thus create a list of potential software vendors that match your criteria.

4 steps to PIM - Evaluation of the system

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Highway to PIM – #1: The Business Case

Although in real life a seamless shopping experience is hard to find, consumers tend to take it for granted. This is not only due to the increasingly important role of smartphones, tablets and Co. in our lives, but also because of a few customer-oriented, innovative companies that set an example.

But what is a seamless shopping experience? What is it that makes a “positive customer experience”? Consumers expect, for example, the same look and feel as well as consistent product information across all channels. They don’t want to find out that the running shoes that they just tested in-store are cheaper in the same retailer’s online shop than in-store. They want the shop assistant to provide the same cleaning instructions for their new jacket as the online store and the catalogue. Or the shop assistant to order the appropriate accessories for their camera online and have them delivered to their home address.

Highway to PIM

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Business Model Canvas For The Software Implementation?

The implementation of a PIM software is not just done easily. Many companies underestimate the effect on so far established processes and structures.

Making this process more transparent based on a Business Model Canvas, is presented by Sören Berger on a practical example.


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IA4SP: parsionate GmbH becomes member of the International Association for SAP Partners e.V.

parsionate GmbH, the omnichannel consulting team of the RS Media Group AG, emphasizes its engagement in the community of SAP partners with the accession to IA4SP.

“We are glad about the engagement of parsionate in the IA4SP”, said Axel Mattern, president of the organization. “Especially the e-commerce and product information management specialists from the hybris partner network add new business aspects to our community.”

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