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How EDE conditions its members for omnichannel with PIM and eDC

Creating a real overvalue for their members – with the electronic Data-Center (eDC), EDE, made this vision become reality.

The E/D/E (Einkaufsbüro Deutscher Eisenhändler GmbH) is Europe’s largest purchasing and marketing association in industrial B2B, with almost 1320 medium-sized trading companies.


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Off to new spheres: Klingel gears up for omnichannel

Artikel_prokom_Klingel_parsionateBuzzwords like omnichannel and customer journey have meanwhile established in the daily routine of trading companies. They are based on a perfectly integrated IT-landscape as well as high-quality product data. Many companies therefor work on the maturity level of their product information system.

But what happens after the implementation and rollout of a PIM-software?

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„The charm of editing in preview mode” or – data maintenance can be so simple.

A well-known feature of web CMS for some of you, is also available in the Informatica PIM since release 7.1: The data maintenance in the context of customer or end user view. This feature does not sound revolutionary but it is a very efficient and simple possibility to directly see the result of how the current data maintenance will affect the description of the product in the web shop.


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