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Data Strategies at Bouwmaat
Bouwmaat is a Dutch wholesaler for building materials. With 48 stores in The Netherlands and a webshop they aim at professionals. A few years ago Bouwmaat turned the exponential growth in data into an opportunity to work smarter and automate where possible, upgrade the systems and adjust the data model, and make the PIM solution the “one source of the truth” for item data.
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In this webinar Michiel Mak from Bouwmaat gives a unique insight in their digital data strategy and how they are relevant for their customers by using data and machine learning tools. Michiel explains how they changed the organization and became a customer focused data driven company. You can hear why Bouwmaat improved their data quality and what initiatives were taken to improve the data.

30 Minutes
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In This Webcast You Will Learn:

  • why and how Bouwmaat executed their Digital Transformation Strategy
  • what they mean by a project called „PIM Leading“
  • how Bouwmaat changed the company to become data driven
  • the most exciting data trends

Our Speakers

Michiel Mak

Manager Category Management, Pricing, Purchase & Article Data at Bouwmaat

Michiel is an experienced retailer within food, drugstore and wholesale mainly in category management and format developement. Same at Bouwmaat but now with the extra specialisation on article data and price management.

Cherry Cheng

Business Consultant, parsionate Benelux B.V. (and webcast moderator)

Experienced data management consultant, a strong believer of continuous improvement and always eager to help clients unlock the potential of their data with quality in mind.

Xavier Frichot

Senior Business Consultant, parsionate Benelux B.V.

Xavier has a strong business consultancy background with over 15 years experience in multinational companies spanning over different industries. He is an expert in processes analyses, establishing use case scenarios, design and testing of functionalities, and delivering training to end-users.

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