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Examination Means Digging Deeper
Remarks by Michael Weiß, Director Strategy Consulting

95 Percent of All Companies Are Unaware of the Potential of Their Data

"Examination" is about identifying opportunities we can exploit. This involves turning the known or identified data challenges into strengths – with a clear goal in mind. Typical issues are, for example: How can I harmonize my project activities, and how can I align them with my strategic objectives? How do I manage change and transformation? Which skills do we need in our company to be successful in the long run? 

These tasks should never be addressed based on the Pareto principle: When it comes to your own data, it's crucial to get the basics right: in this case – maybe for the first time – everything should be done properly. After all, this is where you lay the foundation on which you can and should build everything else – for example, new digital business models.

Particularly in our quarter-driven, fast-moving world, we need in-depth and sustainable solutions to create real added value. Companies realize that factors such as organization and people, processes, business partners, sustainability and culture are crucial to kicking their digital transformation into gear and successfully implementing their data and analytics strategy. They need a partner who is not only aware of this complexity, but also perceives it as a creative raw material.

IMPACT STUDY Examination 
Hapag-Lloyd AG

Disruption Is the Rule – Not the Exception

Support for M&A projects
“We move large steel crates from A to B. Sounds quite simple, but in reality, it is a highly complex task.”

Dr. Ralf Huesmann
Managing Director IT 
Hapag-Lloyd AG

The Partner 

Hapag-Lloyd AG is a publicly listed transport and logistics company. Without a sound data strategy, the company would no longer be able to hold its own against competitors in this fast-paced world. 

The Challenge

Hapag Lloyd and Parsionate have been working together for several years to optimize Hapag Lloyd's data management, particularly in terms of data quality. Their first joint project was in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions. In this context, master data integration is an essential step because it is only when the data – especially customer data – has been cleansed that the integration process can start, virtually overnight, and the onboarding processes can begin.

The Solution 

Hapag-Lloyd's rapid growth strategy can only be successful if it is based on high-quality data. Only then can M&A leverage the required synergies. In close cooperation with Hapag-Lloyd, the incoming "external" data is processed in such a way that, on the one hand, it fits the target data model and, on the other hand, it can successfully meet the demands of a data quality check tool. The goal: ensuring the transfer of data – with the highest possible quality – into the existing Hapag-Lloyd system.

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