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Invention Means Going Beyond
Remarks by Stephan Schosser, Team Lead AI

A New Era Promises Revolutionary New Ideas

Data are everywhere. Most companies consider managing them a tedious homework assignment that must be accomplished soon to avoid falling behind in their "schoolwork". Few dare to upend their view: Wasn't it always in times of radical change that the greatest opportunities emerged? When the World Wide Web took off a quarter of a century ago, many companies were able to carve out a top position for themselves in their respective industries – often unexpectedly. And it was by no means always the biggest players that suddenly became market leaders – in fact, it was quite the opposite. So while our Acceleration approach is about quick wins and Examination is about leveraging clearly defined data potential, our Invention projects are more like a joint expedition: into unknown, as yet uncharted digital territory, where no competitor has yet ventured.

However: "The road to progress is paved with the bones of pioneers." That's why, with every invention, the key is to get a clear idea of the risks and opportunities. Even before starting the actual project, we check whether your specific situation and data have the "makings of a revolution". In other words: We don't know where the road will lead us, but at least we have an idea of the treasure troves we might come across. And we carefully balance our joint efforts against this goal. Would you like to explore these opportunities with us?

Invention Means Redefining the Way We Perceive Data

Many companies have realized that they need to make significant changes to their business model as part of their digital transformation strategy. In this context, data are often the "magic" element – and have never been more essential for a company's success. However, most companies fail to open up to new and fundamentally different approaches, such as Machine Learning or analytics. Either they simply don't have the knowledge to do it – or they underestimate its importance. 

At Parsionate, we have an interdisciplinary team of data experts. To us, "Invention" means embarking on new projects together. And particularly working on something completely new: Issues for which there are no best practices or proven methods yet. True uncharted territory and a real opportunity for our customers to be the first.

BayWa r.e. 

Innovative, Digital Business Ideas

Concept Data Enablement-Platform
“Discovery is part of our culture – now that’s filtering through to our data too.”

Bea Schnarr
Director of Digital Projects
BayWa r.e.

The Partner

With offices in 29 countries and revenues of nearly €3.6 billion, BayWa r.e is a leading global developer, service provider, P.V. wholesaler and supplier of energy solutions in the renewable energy sector.

The Challenge

The potential for growth in such a forward-looking industry is almost limitless. However, the associated enormous data growth poses major challenges for a company’s software infrastructure and the company itself. Cross-organization BI approaches and advanced analytics ensure data compatibility, while data integration and MDM automate some of the work carried out manually before, resulting in far greater efficiency. Our central platform concept with a distributed data product structure (data mesh) makes services including data quality, MDM, integration and data lakes available to all entities and employees within a group.

The Solution 

The data enablement platform that Parsionate designed together with BayWa r.e. will pave the way toward making more efficient and profitable use of data. It allows, for instance, predictive maintenance, based on sensor data from wind turbines and generators. In other words, AI algorithms apply the sensor data to predict when a rotor is likely to fail so that it can be serviced at the right intervals. As a result, unnecessary downtimes of wind turbines and generators can be significantly reduced.  

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