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Data Quality in Context

Effective Business Use Cases for Management, Marketing, Logistics and HR

This white paper highlights data-driven business use cases for various business units. It provides you with inspiration for improving data management and gives impulses for a convincing dialog with internal stakeholders.

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Today, no business process, communication or value is added without data being used, generated, or changed. In this white paper, you will gain valuable insights into how companies can effectively use data in their business processes as well as look, think and act ahead of the curve.

Through exemplary use cases, you will learn how enterprise data can unleash its full potential and how consistently appropriate data quality is key to innovative and future-proof businesses. In addition, this white paper provides you with clear arguments and coherent discussion points for a dialog with internal stakeholders. 

Whether your organization is just beginning to implement a data quality program or is already in the process of doing so: Our proven roadmap with major milestones for high data quality achievement will help you take a holistic view of the technical, process, and organizational changes within your company as well as initiate them in the right order.

Lay the foundation for data-driven business processes, more flexibility and improved competitiveness by investing in data quality right now. 

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