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Master Data
Management Guide

Invisible Challenges, Visible Solutions. Better Prepared in 7 Steps

The high road to a successful MDM implementation. This white paper provides practical guidance and specific advice to guide organizations through the process of implementing a multi-domain master data management program. Now available in the 2nd edition.

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"Master data is not a thing of the past!"

In his editorial for the 2nd edition, Martin Treder, Head of MDM Governance & Architecture at Boehringer Ingelheim, emphasizes the strategic importance that active master data management continues to have for all business processes today - whether in research, production or sales. His 25 years of practical experience in global corporations has proven: MDM is more critical than ever.

IT landscapes in most companies are characterized by a multitude of disparate IT systems, enterprise applications and technologies. Implementing a multi-domain master data management strategy within the enterprise is a complex and long-term process.

However, reliable master data is the key to a data-driven, flexible organization and should be considered a corporate asset. Effective master data management requires a professional infrastructure.

Read our white paper to find out how to optimize your approach. Our 7-phase roadmap for the MDM program provides you with a proven guide to successful implementation. Start laying the foundation for a successful MDM program now by taking a step-by-step, programmatic approach. Whether your organization is just embarking on an MDM program or is already in the process of implementing it.

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