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Consulting Meets Implementation: 360 Degree Focus on Your Data

Easier data maintenance, improved data quality, optimized processes, faster time-to-market, better data analysis and reports – allowing you to sell better. Parsionate helps you build your ideal software architecture, perfectly integrate systems and get the very best out of your tools.

As leading data experts, we design and create tailor-made master data management, data quality management and business process management solutions just for you. Plus, as part of our strategy consulting, we offer you vendor-neutral independent advice.
And we truly believe in successful implementation. That’s why our approach involves supporting you beyond joint strategy development all the way to targeted implementation. We also offer a range of models for application management and managed services geared toward your specific needs to make sure your tech solutions remain efficient. As part of this, you can operate your systems either on-site or in a private, public or hybrid cloud.

When it comes to services, this makes Parsionate one of the only full-service providers in the field – from analysis and strategy development all the way to implementation and application management. We don’t want to brag, but analytics expert Gartner and multinational software manufacturer Informatica, to name just two, have already given us several awards for this unique service.

System integration goes well beyond a simple IT project. And without a strategy, you won’t hit your project goals. We combine the very best in consulting with sophisticated technology services to create a one-of-a-kind offer.

Our Core Competencies

Data Foundation

Consistent, accurate, and unambiguous master data are the cornerstones of digitization. Data quality is an essential intangible asset. No matter your data issue, we support you throughout the process. To this end, we use initiatives such as Master Data Management (MDM), Data Fabrics and Data Lakes. Improving data quality means ensuring that business processes can be executed efficiently and accurately. 

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Customer experience is the driving force behind revenue and customer loyalty. In this context, data creates a directly measurable added value. We consider how data can be effectively processed, maintained, and presented to the customer. We use initiatives such as Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Publishing. 

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With the proliferation of cloud tools, data integration strategies have become increasingly important. Data integration comprises the methods, technologies, and tools to ensure consistent access to and provision of data for all applications and business processes across the organization. We focus on data integration tools and the integration of cloud data.

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AI & Analytics

Making good decisions requires new analytic techniques and AI/ML. We help our customers make data-driven decisions by processing data with artificial intelligence (AI) and making them accessible in advanced analytics tools. Based on leading AI and cloud frameworks.

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Strategy Consulting 

Parsionate Strategy Consulting empowers you to act efficiently, grow faster and hold your ground in your competitive environment. Using this service means you benefit from our proven track record in data & analytics. With our vendor-neutral support across enterprise information management, master data management, data quality, product information management, big data analytics and AI, you will find yourself saving money, minimizing risks, growing revenue and positioning your company ideally for future markets.

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Implementing Standard Software

Our many years of experience in creating integrated data infrastructures is what makes our unique team of experts stand out. We focus on a growing list of top-notch software solutions, determined not just to do everything well, but to do the right thing excellently.

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Optimization and Training

Software solutions require constant attention beyond everyday technical operation. This includes not just ongoing system optimization, but above all making sure your team is fully on board as well. We train individuals as well as groups so that you can leverage the full potential of your software solutions.

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Managed Services

We also offer the perfect package for the time after new software has been introduced, as manufacturer support usually only covers the basic product. Individual adaptations to increase system efficiency are often not part of it. Our managed services mean your systems operate seamlessly day in, day out.

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Consulting Packages

You benefit from the fact that we have developed standardized consulting packages within the scope of numerous data management projects with international market leaders. These tailored strategy programs combine the right questions and best practices.

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