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Laying the Groundwork: Data Foundation

Well-organized, complete and clear-cut master data lays the groundwork for digitalization, while the intangible value of data quality should not be underestimated. We support our customers in creating the best-possible databases using initiatives such as master data management (MDM), data fabrics and data lakes. Because improving data quality helps you achieve error-free, efficient business processes.

The data foundation centers around three core disciplines: Master Data Management (MDM), Data Quality (DQ) and Data Governance (DG)

Master Data Management

In a world where digitalization is rocking even the most grounded of business models, master data has become a company’s single most valuable asset. If your company wants to succeed in the market, you need a professional solution for managing your master data.  

Master data and product information management (MDM/PIM) solutions soon yield real-world financial benefits, with companies enjoying a comprehensive, and accurate, overview of all business-critical master data. 

Master Data Management

Data Quality

Worldwide, the sheer volume of data is booming. By 2025, total data will amount to around 175 zettabytes. That’s forty times more than in 2013. A serious chunk of this data is generated by companies – we’re talking data on customers, costs and competitors. Leveraging this information in the right way is key to gaining a competitive edge. On one condition: the data quality must be excellent.

Poor data quality currently loses companies a whopping $9.7 billion every year, with overall productivity down by up to 20 percent. But the ever-growing wealth of data doesn’t have to be a burden: harnessing this data to fuel their business requires organizations to implement strategic data quality management and effective data cleansing.

Data Quality

Data Governance

More and more, data holds the key to any company’s success. Data governance is essential to maximize the value of data assets. Until now, too many companies have fallen into the trap of underestimating the importance of data, hindering their own success.

Data governance impacts a company at every level – both on the strategy and operations side of things. It sets out a series of rules and frameworks for all technologies, processes and responsibilities in dealing with data within the company and beyond.

Data Governance

Data Leadership For Experts

Thank You, Managers. From Here On, It Gets Boring …

Or simply more specific (however you like to see it).
The experts among you will probably appreciate that we also provide insight here that goes well beyond the necessary basic understanding. So, let’s go!


Customer experience is the driving force behind revenue and customer loyalty. In this context, data creates a directly measurable added value. We consider how data can be effectively processed, maintained, and presented to the customer. We use initiatives such as Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Data Platform (CDP), Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Publishing. 

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With the proliferation of cloud tools, data integration strategies have become increasingly important. Data integration comprises the methods, technologies, and tools to ensure consistent access to and provision of data for all applications and business processes across the organization. We focus on data integration tools and the integration of cloud data.

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AI & Analytics

Making good decisions requires new analytic techniques and AI/ML. We help our customers make data-driven decisions by processing data with artificial intelligence (AI) and making them accessible in advanced analytics tools. Based on leading AI and cloud frameworks.

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