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Creating a Positive Customer Experience: Data Experience

Customer experience is the driving force behind sales and customer loyalty. This is where data creates directly measurable added value. Happy customers bring in recurring revenue and are the ultimate brand ambassadors. Price and product quality are no longer the most crucial factors in decision making. Instead, the future belongs to companies that reliably create positive customer experiences. But this only works when companies leverage customer data to build each customer experience with tailored offers.     

We uncover the best way to prepare, maintain and present data to get it right for the customer with initiatives including product information management (PIM), customer data platform (CDP), digital asset management (DAM) and publishing. 

Product Information Management (PIM) and Product Experience Management (PXM)

More and more companies are recognizing that product information management must take priority. Product range and categorization are a great starting point for successful sales. PIM and PXM projects are increasingly organized across the board with a whole number of areas and departments involved, not least IT, e-commerce, sales and marketing.

Data from a range of company systems is captured and consolidated in a PIM system. In the process, this data is refined, translated and managed to ensure the information meets the applicable quality requirements: complete, correct and consistent. Next, the information can be prepped for various outlet channels. This way, the centralized PIM process reliably outputs channel-specific, high-quality information.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A customer data platform (CDP) is an application that combines data from multiple tools to create a single centralized customer database with data on all touchpoints and interactions with your product or service. Once up and running, this database can be segmented in a whole number of different ways for customized marketing campaigns.

The CDP collates data from touchpoints like social media, the company’s website, email or any other places customers interact with the company. Whatever the source, the CDP brings it all together in an easy-to-read, standardized customer profile, which can also be used by other systems.


Regular print advertising, catalogues, brochures and mailing lists, all with an ever-growing volume of products and data… It’s not hard to spot the challenges for marketing departments. That’s why efficient media production is increasingly becoming a must for a successful sales strategy. 

We’re talking shorter lead times and lower costs: Who wouldn’t want to benefit from efficiently reused information, texts and publications across media production? Parsionate can help you find the perfect balance between full automation and creative content generation.  

  • Print system implementation  
  • Interfaces to data sources
  • Automated publication
  • Review and release process implementation

Data Foundation

Consistent, accurate, and unambiguous master data are the cornerstones of digitization. Data quality is an essential intangible asset. No matter your data issue, we support you throughout the process. To this end, we use initiatives such as Master Data Management (MDM), Data Fabrics and Data Lakes. Improving data quality means ensuring that business processes can be executed efficiently and accurately. 

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With the proliferation of cloud tools, data integration strategies have become increasingly important. Data integration comprises the methods, technologies, and tools to ensure consistent access to and provision of data for all applications and business processes across the organization. We focus on data integration tools and the integration of cloud data.

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AI & Analytics

Making good decisions requires new analytic techniques and AI/ML. We help our customers make data-driven decisions by processing data with artificial intelligence (AI) and making them accessible in advanced analytics tools. Based on leading AI and cloud frameworks.

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