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From Kick-Off to Go-Live: The Perfect Implementation of Standard Software

Create an integrated infrastructure for your master data management. A future-proof information logistics strategy and efficient processes are the key to successful omnichannel commerce. Rely on Parsionate’s experience. For more efficient workflows. For faster publication times. For higher sales.


Putting Your Plan Into Action

So you’ve already devised the perfect strategy for your data & analytics project? Time to take the next step: make your goals and visions a reality! Parsionate will be there every step of the way in setting up your IT infrastructure and implementing the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Our team of experts have years of experience in designing and implementing integrated infrastructures to manage your data. To achieve our clients’ goals, we focus on a growing number of selected software providers. But we don’t just strive to do everything well, but to do the right thing excellently.

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Best Prepared For Your IT Project

Business software is the backbone of any company’s architecture. Changes whether that’s a new introduction or a comprehensive release change of standard software, can pose a pretty major intrusion into company processes. Nowhere is this more true than for software solutions that support business-critical processes or manage central company resources, and problems here can have serious consequences – internally and externally alike.

Time and again, projects aimed at introducing standard software end up costing far more than planned, and often enough they even fail. This is because the change to the company’s software architecture is inconsistently prepared, controlled and monitored. After all, system integration requires an expert hand. Project management, project management tools and templates used and the right method of implementation all play a central role in hitting targets and achieving customer satisfaction. All this needs specialists capable of pulling off this complex process on the technical, methodological and social levels. Our experienced team of program & project managers as well as business and technical consultants specializes in data & analytics standard software.

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