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Managed Services:
The All-Inclusive Package for Your MDM/PIM System

Fast, Flexible, Personal

We offer long-term support you can depend on, even after go-live. Software vendors usually limit maintenance to the standard product only, and maintenance contracts rarely seem to include any customizations to enhance the efficiency of existing systems. Our managed services keep your MDM/PIM system in tip-top condition – always. Is the system permanently available? Is data provided accurately to all systems and channels? Are all imports correct? What could be enhanced? User support is just as important. We help you quickly and pragmatically with any problems you might have with your software.

Our Services

Benefit from reliable system support at a predictable cost. Our skilled team boasts years of practical experience.

System Maintenance and Support

We keep your system and all your system-based processes up and running frictionlessly. From updates and maintenance to tailored support and user assistance. From continuous system monitoring to bug fixing. We’ll take care of it all when it comes to your MDM/PIM system.

Our experienced staff are always happy to offer individual advice through our hotline. Or submit requests on our customer care portal and check their status online at any time. We’ll also take over communications with your supplier. We are partnered with a whole range of software vendors and will ensure smooth and efficient communications.

Our managed services support your employees in the daily running of the business.

  • System maintenance: first level support and second level support
  • Hotline and online helpdesk
  • Bug fixing
  • Monitoring/interface monitoring
  • Log file analysis
  • Clean up of data archives
  • Updates and maintenance: service packs, hotfixes, managing the deployment process
  • User training
  • Third level support

System Enhancement

Increase the productivity of your MDM/PIM system! Our managed services offer support to enhance your applications and system processes.

Customize your system to suit your needs. We’ll be there every step of the way with professional advice, flexible and fast implementation, and long-standing project experience.

Maximize the efficiency of your MDM/PIM system for the day-to-day running of your business. Our managed services team supports you in optimizing your system.

  • Customization and configuration
  • Interface optimization: data imports and exports
  • Customized reports and evaluations
  • User interface adaptations
  • Performance tuning
  • Health check for system and application
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