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5 Questions with Matthias Schneider

18 March 2021
Ida Lorenz
Matthias Schneider is Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the fischer group and is responsible for digitalisation in all sectors. The 34-year-old business informatics specialist is involved in around 200 digital strategy projects, worldwide every year. He has been professionally involved in B2B digital commerce, platforms, and software development for over 10 years.

Matthias Schneider

How do you define digital transformation?

We divide digital transformation into two sections. On the one hand, the optimisation, automation and transparency of business processes and, on the other hand, the development of innovative, new business models and services for our customers.

Where do you see the greatest potential that digital transformation can offer a company?

The greatest potential lies in the establishment of new services or business models for our customers. Today, digitalisation offers us a completely new approach to our customers. It enables us to provide services that simplify daily work or to bring new products to the market, such as fasteners equipped with sensor technology. No less interesting are the potentials in the internal automation and optimisation of business processes.

How do you assess the progress of digitalisation in your company?

fischer started this journey early on and modernised itself towards the market and customers with digital marketing and e-commerce. We were also one of the first companies to support fixing consulting with digital tools. We are continuing this path consistently and determinedly.

What impact does digital transformation have on your customers?

Our customers can also optimise and automate their workflows and processes through digital possibilities. In the construction industry, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a pioneering trend towards the digitalisation of the construction trade. We support our customers on this path with digital tools and services.

How would you rate the state of digital transformation in your industry?

Due to a certain complexity and full order books, the construction industry is not the pioneer industry in terms of digitalisation. However, it has also caught up massively in the past three years, and construction processes are already highly digitalised in many places. In some countries, BIM is already established as standard.

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