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Managers in daily balancing act

01 December 2020
Ida Lorenz
The day-to-day business of today's managers has become highly complex across all industries and company sizes. Managers are constantly balancing changing demands and multi-layered competencies. Digital transformation and a competitive data management also require a contemporary and rapid change of thinking within the organizations.

To meet the growing demands in business, top management must think beyond value chains and act quickly and in a manner suited for the situation. And at the same time, they must push ahead active confrontations with digitisation trends and always keep an eye on specialist skills and business processes that will be required in the future. In view of the high demands placed on specialized expertise, it is no wonder that individual competence profiles are quickly exceeded - and there is no time for appropriate advanced training.

Our executive guidance service provides you with focused support at management level. In contrast to conventional consulting, there are no direct solutions provided by the coach, instead the development of individual solution concepts is facilitated. The focus is on advising responsible managers as well as the involvement and qualification of all managers concerned to build up widespread support.

Stefanie Rößler, Principal Consultant in our Strategy Consulting Team, explains in the following video (short and sweet) how top executives may benefit. And therefore, adds another aspect to our video series "Data Strategy: Various Angles – Common Goal". Do you need further information and would like to learn more about our product "Data Executive Guidance"? Then you are welcome to contact us.

Data is a central factor for the success and sustainability of your company. New digital business models and competitive processes need data that is fit-for-use.

As a manager, you ask yourself the question "Where do we start if we want to manage data strategically and use it more effectively for our operations in the future? Where does data really provide us with benefits in the company and what do we have to do to achieve them?

We support you in answering those questions. With in-depth knowledge and as a sparring partner at your side. We accompany you with experience and methodology, around the topics of data strategy and its implementation in concrete measures. At C-level, experienced management and at eye level! This enables us to be a partner, to set the pulse and to take responsibility for the digital change jointly with you.

Interested? Let's talk straight.

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