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Put together what belongs together - the planning of measures

23 November 2020
Ida Lorenz
A freshly developed data strategy unfolds its real added value only with organisation and action planning. Milestones need to be defined and guard rails must be set to develop a tailor-made roadmap for the execution programme.

In previous steps a data strategy was formulated, the status quo analysed and the requirements for data management identified.

All those concerned should be involved in defining the implementation phases and exploring interdependencies. With experienced strategy consultants, our proven methodologies and excellent industry knowledge, we work in workshops together to define individual target, measure packages and detailed projects.

The process of data strategy development continues to progress. Whereas previously it was a matter of involving employees to record their "wishes" for data management, it is now important to clarify who can take concrete and measurable responsibility for which measures in which step. The data strategy must be broken down into thematic areas. Concrete measures must be together defined across disciplines and responsibilities must be clarified.

Henrik Kramer, Managing Consultant in our Strategy Consulting Team, summarises in the following video (short and compact) how exactly this programme development can look like. And therefore, adds another aspect to our video series "Data Strategy: Various Angles – Common Goal".

Do you need further information and would like to learn more about our product "Data Strategy Mapping"? Then you are welcome to contact us.

A data strategy provides orientation in the data jungle. We use a consistent focus on effectiveness. To determine the added value, all important stakeholders are involved. This results in individual benefits in the daily work of the departments as well as a solid knowledge base for management decisions.

This centrally formulated guiding principle of the data strategy is instrumentalised by us: We set strategic directions, structure data initiatives according to benefits and costs and develop metrics for the meas-urement of success.

The resulting data management roadmap is guided and implemented in the next step by an agile program.

Ensuring that strategy is well received - and generating concrete benefits.

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