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Customer Experience as a sustainable competitive advantage

27 October 2016
Digitalization and Marketing Experts at the Marketing Power Conference 2016 by Contentserv

The “Customer Experience” theme is becoming an increasingly important priority for companies. On this occasion, the Marketing Power Conference 2016 hosted by Contentserv focused on this topic and presented in an exciting lecture program the resulting challenges. In the past two days, it has been discussed what strategic decisions are needed to drive digitalization and to anchor the resulting benefits and expectation of clients in companies.
In her keynote “A small digital step for your marketing – a big step for your company. Digitization and empowerment of your marketing and success.” Patricia Kastner, CEO of CONTENTSERV, presented 5 theses for a customer experience success.
Helge Hintze from the Vaillant Group Business Services, Wolf Sternberg from Papier LIEBL as well as Peter Gross, strategy consultant for EDEKA and many others shared their business knowledge and best practices under the keywords Multichannel eCommerce, Multichannel Digital, Multichannel Classic and Marketing 2.0.

parsionate supported one of the expert workshops on the topic of MDM/PIM.

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