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Digital transformation - more than integration of new technologies

30 October 2020
Ida Lorenz
A data strategy describes how corporate data helps to achieve business objectives. More importantly, it opens doors to the development of business processes that can give companies a competitive advantage. Data strategy is a supporter of business strategy.

To prepare companies for future challenges, it is important to develop a data strategy together with each department - at the same table and not individually. The first small experiments are already becoming projects, and projects that are initially subject-specific are turning into entire business units. Across all industries, new disruptive business processes in which data is at the heart of the process are thus created.

It is essential to promote the acceptance and enthusiasm for data management topics among company’s employees at an early stage. This is the only way to identify, test and implement cross-departmental use cases in a short time. This is not about educating employees to apply the latest software solution. They should be able to understand what benefits are achieved through the defined data strategy and the changed business processes and why it is worthwhile to deviate from well-trodden paths.

Before all employees pull together (in a common direction), basic requirements must be created in the company. Involving employees in change processes is a key factor for successful data management. However, both the management and the team itself often find this difficult.

Michael Weiß, Head of Strategy Consulting in our team, summarises in this short video why digital change is not synonymous with the integration of new technologies. And thereby adds another aspect to our video series "Data Strategy: Various Angles – Common Goal".

Do you need further information and would you like to learn more about our product "Data Potential Impulse"? Please feel free to contact us.

Let us talk about digitalisation.

Company data have become a major production factor. Often the basic strategies for the use of this data are formulated with great effort, but the specific added value from this target image remains below expectations.

We think: Data becomes valuable when it improves the daily work processes. In purchasing, in sales, in production.

We say: transport your data strategy to the point where the value becomes concrete. Above all, listen and formulate personal benefits. Inspire your employees and thus provide the necessary environment for a change.

Digital change needs a culture of participation! Then digitalisation will also be visible in the results. Interested? Let's talk straight.

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