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Informatica EMEA MDM 360 Summit: Be an intelligent disruptor!

09 June 2017
Digitisation is all around us and it happens in every industry. The choice companies have to make is a rather simple one: You can either drive the business as a leader or desperately try to catch up.

Data is the critical foundation for everything

On the EMEA MDM 360 Summit Informatica encouraged the attendees to be a disrupter, be ambitious and to rethink their businesses. For those who are afraid Ron Matusof, VP Advanced Customer Engineering, recommends: The thing about innovation is, that your idea never existed before so you cannot make the perfect plan. Just make the best decision you can with the information you have and stay flexible.

Intelligent Disruption always considers the requirements of the future but keeps the business value in mind. Nevertheless Ron Matusof recommends to have a recovery plan ready if a decision turns out to be wrong. In her Keynote Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO at Informatica, presented the disruption of Informatica itself: it’s not only a new logo, Informatica created a complete new identity which one was able to experience within the last two days. Suresh Menonow, SVP & GM Master Data Management at Informatica, presented the latest innovations in MDM: In order to meet the grown customer expectations Informatica made their solutions much more intelligent. Auto classification, recommendations and predictions of customer behaviour are just a few of the intelligent supporters for the users.

Ron-Matusof about “Evaluating Tradeoff To Maximize Value In Data Management Solutions”

Three major success factors for implementing Master Data Management have been commonly mentioned by the speakers:

  1. Data needs to be considered first
    Customer Experience, Internet of Things, Digitisation, Innovations in payment or photography – no matter which topic the speakers were talking about, there was one common agreement: Data is the foundation for everything and you need to fix the foundation first. Hana Horakova from Liberty Global said it like this: “It does no magic”. In the end MDM is only a technology and you need to clean your data and prepare it to put it into the system. Otherwise you will not be able to use it properly.

  2. Think big – act small – scale fast
    Another success factor for MDM on which all speakers agreed: Have the target and the strategy clearly defined, but go ahead step by step. And be aware that it will be a long journey, Willem Albers from Philips noted – their MDM project took four years so far. To cite Hana Horakova again: “Think big – act small – scale fast”. She recommends to have a vision, but start with one problem, solve it in one local market and then scale it fast if it turns out to be a good one.

  3. Relate your Data
    In our digitised world it has become an important business value to engage and know your individual customer. But not only for a 360-degree customer view, also for efficiency in processes and topics like GDPR it is necessary to relate your data completely. As an example, Monica Mullen from Informatica narrated “When I changed my name, it took them four years to correct my contact details and stop writing me letters to different names.” This is not the way to create a positive User Experience.

Hana Horakova from Liberty Global: “Data is the foundation”

Besides the useful insights and learnings of Informatica customers, like Philipscoop Alleanza and Liberty Global, the Break Out Sessions in the afternoon provided demonstrations of the comparing MDM 360 modules like Product 360, Supplier 360 and References 360. All in all it was a great event and we enjoyed being part of it. You missed it? No worries – meet us on the Informatica World Tour in Switzerland (19th Sep), Sweden (17th Oct), France (19th Oct), Netherlands (2nd Nov) or Germany (27th Nov)!


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