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What do time to money and product experiences have in common?

06 December 2019
As part of Contentserv's Product Experience Summit, we participated as Premium Sponsors in November in Rohrbach (D) and Den Bosch (NL). During a keynote we presented our perspective on Product Experience Management (PXM). Is it a hype or a game changer? This is the question that Michael Kugler took up in his keynote and answered with concrete examples.

Product Experience Management – Hype or Game Changer?

The "Experience Economy" has shifted the buying behaviour to the point that buyers or customers - no matter if business or consumer - want to invest their time reasonably, which also means that they are willing to invest more money in the end.

It’s not anymore just about products and services. They are simple to compare and the decision here is more often only based on price. Nowadays, everyone is trying to get the time, attention, and money of every single customer. It's not so much about "how to save time" anymore, but about "how well and excitingly I spend my valuable time". 

Time to money - More revenue through better product experiences 

Customers reward better experiences with a willingness to invest more money. All too often, you might have observed yourself making an investment based on the desire of the experience - an example would be buying a coffee from a barista, who may be conjuring up a nice image on the milk foam! Got caught?  

According to a study, 86% of customers are willing to spend more on better experiences. Better product experiences lead to higher customer satisfaction, which leads to more loyal customers and also to more revenues - all in all, a better "time to money"! Or in other words "time is the new currency". 

The winners are those who put the customer at the very center by combining the best technology with game-changing ideas, not only improving the customer journey, but also actively redesigning it. 

Contentserv and parsionate CX deliver exactly this added value for all manufacturers and retailers as well as their customers (B2B and B2C) as a powerful combination between both technology and consulting. For this we have been awarded as " Relentless Visionary Partner" this year. 

So, what is it, hype or game changer?  

Request the presentation material or schedule a talk with us! 

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