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PIM Health Check: How Good Is Your Product Data Management?
Do your competitors get products to market faster or present them better in their online shop? Inefficient data management has a negative impact on sales and the customer journey. In addition to an objective assessment of your systems, data quality, processes and staff qualifications, the PIM Health Check gives you clear information about your infrastructure status and specific recommendations for optimisation.
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Get the Most From Your Data

A PIM system improves the quality of your data and ensures that employees and customers have access to exactly the right product information at any time and anywhere. But a PIM system is only the technical framework. In many cases, processes are not optimally tailored to company-specific requirements, system functions and data flows are not created efficiently, or users are not well trained in using the system. In addition, system adjustments and increasing data volumes impair the performance of your PIM system over time.

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Omnichannel Architecture Matrix

Our proven methodology opens up a comprehensive overall view of your data management. Objective assessment of your PIM system, data quality, processes and staff qualifications provide a framework for identifying and prioritising the necessary actions. You get clear information about the status of your infrastructure and specific recommendations for actions to achieve targeted optimisation.

First Aid for Your Data Management

Comprehensive Analysis

Our proven Omnichannel Architecture Matrix takes into account all the areas in which employees and customers come into contact with your product data. We look at technical factors such as the hardware and software systems used and the setup, and conduct a thorough in-depth analysis of existing workflows and processes, system use, the efficiency of your data management and the presentation of product data in your sales channels.

Clear Recommendations

Extensive process know-how combined with in-depth technical expertise in the leading software solutions - these are the key strengths of our consultancy team. Our PIM Health Check identifies the key areas of your company that require action, provides specific recommendations for action and supports you in clear prioritisation of the required steps: Which measures need to be implemented urgently to solve the most important problems? When can we achieve quick wins with low investment? What adaptations will be effective in increasing performance?

Our PIM Health Check

Parsionate has been supporting dealers and manufacturers in omnichannel commerce for many years. Extensive process know-how and in-depth technical expertise are our key strengths. Benefit from our experience from countless PIM projects.

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  • Objective assessment
  • Identification of optimisation potential
  • Specific recommendations in just 2 weeks


  • Efficiency and future proofing
  • Improved performance
  • Increased efficiency
  • Targeted investment planning
  • Assured future proofing

Request PIM Health Check

The PIM Health Check provides you with a framework for targeted optimisation of your data management: Structured and forward-looking implementation of effective improvements in terms of systems used, processes and staff qualifications.

The benefits: shorter time to market, increased data quality and reduced maintenance work. Create a sustainable and structured PIM environment tailored to your individual needs.

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