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Transforming for Tomorrow: Mastering ERP Modernization at Boehringer Ingelheim
Watch now
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Watch our webinar to learn how Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, manages to have their ERP and CRM meet in the cloud.


In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, modernizing ERP systems is crucial for businesses seeking efficiency and competitiveness. Moving to sophisticated cloud-native platforms like SAP S/4HANA or Informatica IDMC not only streamlines operations but also improves data integration across various business functions.

Watch our engaging webinar with Martin Treder, Head of MDM Governance & Architecture at Boehringer Ingelheim. In the webinar he discusses the company's strategic shift in managing its customer Master Data as part of Boehringer’s digital transformation, highlighting the challenges and strategic benefits of such critical updates in the corporate landscape.

Martin provides an in-depth look at this global initiative, explaining how a solution consisting of multiple Master Data solutions can lead to a Single Source of Truth setup through architecture design based on thorough management of capabilities. Martin will also highlight the critical role of extensive stakeholder participation, forward-looking governance efforts and well-documented master data integration.

Attendees gain first-hand insights into the challenges and achievements of this large-scale transformation project. Discover how strategic upgrades like these can significantly improve business operations and facilitate comprehensive digital transformation.

Watch now

Watch now

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How the SAP S/4HANA upgrade at Boehringer Ingelheim improves efficiency and integrates business functions.
  • The process and challenges of implementing the system globally across 41 countries.
  • The crucial role of employee involvement and change management to ensure a successful transition.
  • The importance of master data management in maintaining data consistency and accuracy across global operations during the ERP transition

Our Speakers

Martin Treder

Martin Treder is Head of MDM Governance & Architecture at Boehringer Ingelheim. He is a realistic visionary in data management, with over 25 years of leadership experience at large international companies such as DHL, FedEx or Boehringer Ingelheim. His focus, also as a book author and independent consultant, is on building an efficient data organization in companies as well as on systematically extracting added value from data. 

Claes Larsson

Claes Larsson is Business Consultant MDM at Parsionate. He brings extensive experience from his previous roles at Zalando, Adidas, Flaconi, and Oatly, where he has led several ERP modernisation projects, while managing Operations and IT teams. 

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