What drives us: A shared passion for omnichannel! Excellence is not only part of our slogan, we live up to it. Image processing, process consulting, software solutions - with every detail we strive for excellence in omnichannel retailing.

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We are an open and communicative organization. Individualistic achiever or stringent organizer: We do not only carry excellence in our claim but we live this ambition consciously. For us a self-containing way of thinking and giving new impulses is just as important as teamwork and learning from each other. Therefor we offer our employees time and scope.

Our colleagues know that their opinions, whether about a project or about parsionate’s strategy, will be listened to and taken into consideration. We are committed to enhancing and consolidating the omnichannel expertise within our company. That’s why we invest in trainings for our employees and an intelligent selection of the team for our projects.

This culture is the main factor why the most intelligent and talented people feel comfortable in our team.

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Our project teams consist of many different experts, depending on our clients’ needs.

We are looking for great people that are up to the challenge. We ask for commitment, excellence, humor and passion. We offer a unique opportunity to reinvent the boundaries of omnichannel business and build great solutions.

Please send your application to

Want to find out if you would fit into our team upfront? Or simply no time for writing a full-fledged application? No problem at all! Drop us a . We will organize a phone call with the responsible colleague on a short notice. Please include the link to your XING or LinkedIn profile if possible.

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Join us with your team

Consultants / Developers / Architects

Projects can be really fun if you work with the right people. In a good team, people support, trust, inspire, motivate and complement each other.

If you are such a perfect team, apply jointly at parsionate. We know about the importance of effective teams and we enjoy the challenge of integrating entire teams.

This is how it works:

  1. Send your profiles or CVs and some information about where and when you have successfully worked together to
  2. We are looking for teams with a focus on MDM/PIM, e-commerce and omnichannel commerce.
  3. We will coordinate the entire hiring process (interviews, feedbacks, offers). We will submit an offer to every team member - or to none.
  4. We will make sure that you will be able to work as a team at parsionate.


We rely on the engagement and competence, the thinking across boundaries and the independent way of working of our employees. Only the ones who want to be among the best, sign up at parsionate. Therefor employee orientation is a basic component of our corporate culture. Not only our kununu ratings are clearly showing this fact. The independent awards we were decorated with by our partners and „The Group of Analysts“ confirm the excellent work of our team.

What defines us

  • Excellence
  • People
  • Behaviour
  • Management
  • Processes
  • We are passionate about offering the best possible solutions.
  • We try not only to meet, but also to exceed the current and future expectations of our customers in order to reach a common goal: success.
  • We work with and for people.
  • We develop ideas, we encourage our employees and turn visions into reality.
  • We don't think and act in terms of problems, but in terms of solutions.
  • We stand for respect, fairness and reliability.
  • We listen and communicate directly, openly and clearly.
  • We take responsibility for our actions.
  • We help each other in order to reach the best possible result.
  • Our management sets goals that are measurable and acknowledges your work.
  • We believe in an open culture, without too many hierarchies.
  • We encourage our employees and support them on their way to personal success.
  • We constantly align our organisation with the market’s needs.
  • We regularly check and optimize our processes in order to be efficient and flexible.
  • We focus on our customers' goals.

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