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360° Master Data

Product data, supplier information and other informational assets are the backbone of any omnichannel strategy. A customer won’t buy anything if consistent Master Data and comprehensive Product Information are not available.


Omnichannel Experience

The shift toward omnichannel retailing allows consumers to accumulate product knowledge in different channels. Therefor retailers must ensure consistent processes and data throughout all channels.


Software Solutions

As long-established experts for leading software solutions for omnichannel commerce we are convinced: Even the best strategy is valuable only if it is executed continuously.

We help retailers, brands and distributors to build worldclass e-commerce platforms for maximum profit.


Our Commitment

We believe in excellence. We build on functional expertise, deep industry knowledge and pure dedication. We provide the market-leading mix of expertise: Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM), e-commerce, Multitouchpoint-Commerce and a 360° customer experience.