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Unlearn the Usual.
Take Responsibility.
Become Part of a Culture
Where You Can Be Yourself
Some companies are too small to learn entrepreneurship – others are too big to practice it.
Some are too slow to change fast enough – others too restless to do a good job. We love to work right at the intersection of all these poles. And we love working with people who are as capable as they are kind – welcome to Parsionate!

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3 Things to Make
a Job Fulfilling

At Parsionate, we don’t believe in making bad compromises, nor do we accept 66% solutions. If it takes three things to make a job fulfilling, these are on par. A position without meaning? Good luck filling that these days. One without opportunities? Same. One with no great colleagues? Bad luck. Here at Parsionate, we know we have built the company differently from the start. That’s why the relationship between you and Parsionate is multifaceted, centered around three dimensions: journey, family, and purpose. But there’s no point if only one or two of them work for you. The three dimensions work together to make us – and your job – unique.

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Starting the Game

The decision where you start your professional life is incredibly important. After all, it's not only about your expertise, but also about the whole culture of the company.

Taking Off

At Parsionate, you don't just get to know one data world – but a great variety from different industries.

Playing at the Top

Customer appointments, workshops, travel, family – there are various responsibilities to juggle. It is so important that your team and your company are supportive and understanding.

Sharing Your Knowledge

Always be empathetic and open to new things! Only if you combine the experience of the expert with the openness of the learner can you cross the fine line between blindness and activism and achieve something really good together.
Audio Deep Dives

Listen to Your
Future Colleagues

You don’t have to take HR’s word for it. Listen to your future teammates tell you what life’s really like behind the scenes at Parsionate:


Nelly, Leah and Ida on the social responsibility of a growing company (in German)

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Ela and Steven on their journey to team lead

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Patrice, Kami and Laura about working life after university (in German)

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Sven and Kolja on the value they create for customers as consultants (in German)

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Tamara, Sören and Mathias about teamwork and the social life at Parsionate (in German)

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Ana and Uli from Amsterdam on starting at Parsionate

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Compatibility of family and WORK

Stephan about family friendliness at Parsionate (in German)

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Customer Project: Beaulieu International Group

Julian and Niklas on working on an exciting international customer project

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Our Mentoring Culture

and Action

Learning from two founders who never stopped learning themselves

“Without passion for customers, the team and the magic of data, it’s just another job – or the greatest challenge ever.”

Thomas Sperrfechter
Managing Director Parsionate

Thomas Sperrfechter

Thomas was born in 1966, has a degree in Computer Science and Economics, is married and father of two children. He is passionate about developing teams and organizations. His focus is on project business, administration and everything that concerns the people at Parsionate.”

“Success is a choice – and the result of a team effort. I feel motivated every single day to deliver our vision of excellence and dedication to our customers. In the process, my focus goes beyond how we inspire and motivate: I want to deliver damn good quality every single day.”

Michael Fieg
Managing Director Parsionate

Michael Fieg

Born in 1972, Michael is a computer scientist, husband and father of two. He has been passionate about the data revolution for many years. At Parsionate, his focus is on external relations with customers and partners, sales and marketing.

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