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Empowering Data Leadership

Data is at the core of any digital transformation. Since 2013, Parsionate has been supporting companies determined to face the challenges involved head-on and leverage data’s limitless potential. We bring our expertise to go all out, delivering the benefits and successes we generate for our customers and partners. And that’s why Parsionate offers end-to-end services, from strategy development to full tech implementation.

We are the data leadership team. With our holistic focus on data and the opportunities it creates, we take on a longer-term, more comprehensive responsibility than traditional consultants or implementers. Our vision is to help our clients harness the unique potential of data and analytics and empower them to use it more smartly and efficiently than the competition. Across our Parsionate locations in Europe, we have more than 200 experts hard at work on just that for international market leaders like Hapag-Lloyd, the Hoffmann Group, Festo, Stihl or DEKRA.

Where It All Began…

Parsionate was founded by a group of experienced data experts. Back in 2013, they sensed the huge potential that data had to offer companies if they charted the right course. Not much later, they founded what would go on to become Parsionate. Right from the outset, the focus was on striking the perfect balance of discerning consulting services and suitable technological implementation (end-to-end). Here at Parsionate, excellent business and system architects work together with process and software specialists in interdisciplinary teams. Since we started, we’ve grown into a larger team of more than 200 people who pool experience from hundreds of data projects, making us one of Europe’s leading skills hubs for data & analytics.

Thomas Sperrfechter & Michael Fieg
Parsionate managing directors Thomas Sperrfechter (left) and Michael Fieg (right)
Groups and Shareholdings

A management buyout in 2017 saw the Parsionate Group reposition itself. The founders, who currently hold 70 percent of the company shares, invited two institutional investors to join the company (each with 15 percent of the shares). Today, MBG, Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (, and the S-Kap-Beteiligungsgesellschaft, investment financier of Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw (, hold shares in parsionate Group GmbH.

The Parsionate Group holds investments in the following companies:

parsionate GmbH, Stuttgart
parsionate CX GmbH, Stuttgart
parsionate Benelux B.V., Amsterdam
XPLN GmbH, Stuttgart (  

The Parsionate Principles

Customer Benefit – Through Added Value

We create true added value. With innovative, best-in-class solutions for our customers. We drive their data-driven future. We question anything that might deviate from the desired result – and evaluate every decision with the customer in mind. These are what guide us. 

Bold Initiative – Responsibility as a Mindset

We want to create impact – that’s what drives our projects and initiatives. Together, we push forward, share our ideas as a team and look as far ahead as we can. We set priorities to optimize results and ensure long-term success. 

Targeted Communication – Active Listening and Sharing

We know the opportunities and pitfalls of interpersonal communication. That’s why we listen to and reflect on the views of our colleagues. We empathize with our customers to truly understand their needs and expectations. 

Heading For Excellence – With Absolute Conviction

Is there a better solution to this problem? How can we improve our methods? How can we accelerate results? We ask ourselves questions like this every single day until, over time, we develop better and better answers. Our performance is measured (and celebrated) in results. 

That’s Passion – A Passion for Shaping

We are passionate about our work. We love to take on new challenges – and inspire our customers with the solutions we create. And we enjoy working with enthusiastic, like-minded people – for a data-driven future. 

Joy is Key – Together, for Each Other

The joy we feel when we think about our work, colleagues, customers and partners is a treasure we preserve and cultivate together. Because working time is life time.

Our Purpose

More than anything, we want to activate potential – unleash it even. At all levels. As a partner to our customers, it goes without saying that we care about their development: it’s unbelievable just how much potential goes by the wayside in most companies, especially when it comes to data and its use. Just as important to us is making sure that each and every individual at Parsionate is empowered to develop and evolve in the best possible way. And let’s not forget the social dimension, especially in light of the major challenges and crises that currently plague our ever-changing world. Across all these different areas, here at Parsionate we strive to enact meaningful or even necessary change and to avoid simply carrying on with business as usual. 

Consulting with the Consultants?
The Parsionate Advisory Board

Since mid-2019, three well-known management experts have been supporting the leadership team of the Parsionate Group to strategically direct the company.

Dr. Roger Kehl

Cloudflight CEO Roger Kehl Ph.D. has successfully navigated the tech industry for 30 years now. Before joining Cloudflight, he served on the Executive Management Board Central Europe at Atos and as Global CIO at Festo SE & Co. KG. Roger has also held other top management positions at international companies, including Siemens and debis inne. 

CIO magazine and Computerwoche have both recognized him for his extensive experience in digitalization, the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things, naming him CIO of the Year in 2016.

Verena Fink

Verena Fink is co-founder and managing partner of consultancy Woodpecker Finch. With numerous publications and talks under her belt, she is one of the thought leaders behind the digital transformation and connectivity in the service economy and digital sales. Her latest book “KI-Projekte – Einfach Machen” (AI Projects: Getting It Done) will make you want to have your own experiences with artificial intelligence, even if you are not an engineer.

Verena serves on the advisory board for Californian SaaS company DocuSign Inc., the global industry leader for process digitalization, as well as on the board of the German association for small and medium-sized enterprises, KMU-Berater. Alongside her consulting work, she is an entrepreneur in the fields of future economics and neuroscience marketing, with startup projects in San Francisco focused on AI, sales optimization and 4IR solutions.

Prof. Dr. Rupert Felder

Prof. Rupert Felder Ph.D. is a seasoned HR manager for a mechanical engineering group with experience in the automotive industry. Rupert holds a doctorate in law and is honorary professor of human resources management at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. He is the vice president of the German federal association of labor lawyers in companies ( Personalmagazin has named Rupert one of the top 40 thought leaders in human resource management in Germany for five years running.

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