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Behind the Scenes: Enterprise Architecture at Witt-Gruppe

How Witt-Gruppe is laying the foundations for future corporate success with a modern enterprise architecture.


Expert Talk: PIM 2033 – Where Is the Journey Leading? (German Webinar)

In an exclusive panel, we discuss the future of PIM with German market leaders.


People-Driven Data Projects (German Webinar)

Learn how Messe Frankfurt is inspiring its organization to embrace digital transformation. Data projects are not a sprint. Their success depends largely on perseverance and a smart strategy. Manja Kochannek reports from her own experience at Messe Frankfurt on how best to set yourself up for such a marathon.


Turning Data Into Trust: The Power of Product Transparency

In our webinar with Belgian tool manufacturer Varo, we will show how a solid database and a comprehensive PIM system like Contentserv help businesses meet transparency requirements like the DPP while also unlocking new growth opportunities and differentiate themselves from the competition.


AI: What ChatGPT & Co. Can – And Can’t Do (German Webinar)

The hype around AI tools like ChatGPT continues unabated. Optimists see revenues and margins soaring, while pessimists see the raison d'être of many companies dwindling and human employees becoming obsolete. Benjamin Ferreau says: Don't panic! Beyond all the hype, there are already concrete use cases for Artificial Intelligence in companies today. In addition to a certain pioneering spirit, what is needed above all is a solid database.


Customer Experience: Hoffmann Group in Focus (German Webinar)

Why CX-related investments matter and how MDM provides the key to a personalized customer journey. In the webinar you will learn about the milestones for an outstanding customer experience in B2B, what Hoffmann Group's data management strategy looks like and which KPIs have already been achieved.


Principles of a Data-Driven Organisation

In this webinar, Martin Treder shares knowledge from his more than 25 years of practical experience in global corporations. Learn what data governance has to do with corporate culture. And hear how to meaningfully assess the importance of data as a core component of any initiative.


The Business Value Behind Top 3 Master Data Management Trends

A modern and effective Master Data Management strategy has become essential for the success of organizations. However, digital transformation is constantly enabling new approaches and technical capabilities in the area of MDM. In our webinar we want to offer orientation and take a closer look at 3 trends in Master Data Management that leading analysts like Gartner and Forrester have identified and that Data & Analytics Leaders should be aware of.


Expert Talk: Green IT, Data Ecosystems and AI

In this expert talk, data specialists Günther Tschabuschnig, Natascha Totzler, Stefanie Rößler and Andreas Reiter talk about current data & analytics trends such as Green IT, data ecosystems and artificial intelligence. The examination of potentials and challenges from technical and organizational perspectives, coupled with valuable insights from real customer projects, will give you a holistic view of these significant data trends.


The Tool Industry in Transition (German Webinar)

In today's world, it is essential for companies in the tool industry to present their products in a variety of ways and to make product information accessible to trading partners and customers. Our webinar with Rothenberger and Contentserv takes a closer look at the challenges involved.


Data Strategies at Festo

Learn from Mario John (Head of IT Portfolio Innovation and Architecture) and Diethard Frank (IT-Manager Big Data & AI) at Festo, how to build an outstanding data strategy. In tandem with Michael Fieg (Managing Director at Parsionate) and Aslam Jamal (Vice President, Channels for EMEA & LATAM at Informatica), the two will also discuss what needs to be considered for a holistic implementation within the company.


Data Strategies at Bouwmaat

In this webcast, Michiel Mak from Bouwmaat will give a unique insight in their digital data strategy and how they are relevant for their customers by using data and machine learning tools.


How to Make Your PIM Project Successful – A Relentless Look at Eight Avoidable Mistakes! (German Webinar)

In this webinar, we share with you our lessons learned from a large number of PIM projects we have accompanied over the past few years. We have compiled eight critical obstacles in order to prevent you from unpleasant situations in your PIM project and to create a solid foundation for the desired success.


Strategic Approach to Selecting a PIM System: Seven Essential Steps (German Webinar)

Today, the best way to convince customers is with high-quality product information. A PIM system provides systemic support and ensures that processes, responsibilities and, above all, qualitative requirements are met. But how is the right solution selected? What steps need to be taken into particular consideration when selecting a system?


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