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Turning Data Into Trust: The Power of Product Transparency
Product transparency is no longer just a nice-to-have for businesses – it's becoming a must-have as customers and legislators demand transparency about products and their production.
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Webinar with Parsionate & Varo 

on-demand | ENGLISH | 55 MINUTES

Customers have become more informed and interested in ethical and sustainable aspects before buying a product. This growing demand for transparency is also reflected in legislation: this year already, supply chain laws presented companies with significant challenges, and soon, the EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) will be introduced as an initiative for higher product transparency.

Businesses that cannot meet these demands risk losing market share and revenue. However, with the right approach, product transparency can transform from a compliance issue to a competitive advantage for your business.

The most promising tool for adopting Digital Product Passports is the 2D barcode, offering buyers a wide range of product information in-store. However, not all manufacturers and retailers are ready for this technology change.

In our webinar with Belgian tool manufacturer Varo, we show how a solid database and a comprehensive PIM system like Contentserv help businesses meet transparency requirements like the DPP while also unlocking new growth opportunities and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Find out how Varo introduced 2D barcodes on their product packaging and is already delivering high-quality product information to their customers today.

Watch now

Watch Now

In this webinar you will learn:
  • How Varo implemented 2D barcodes and the requirements for the Digital Product Passport in their Contentserv PIM solution
  • The challenges companies are facing with the organizational implementation of a new software solution and how to avoid them
  • How to leverage product transparency to enhance your customers' trust in your company and turn product transparency into a competitive advantage

Our Speakers

Nico De Troyer

Nico De Troyer began his career in construction and later worked in a technical role at Varo NV, a company with over 60 years of experience in the worldwide distribution of DIY materials. Today, he is an MDM manager and PIM architect, and has been head of the data department for six years now. A new way to track and complete product information, as well as a data model and translation database, have already been implemented. Automating processes, monitoring data flow, and efficient data analytics are high on his list of priorities.

Liesje Van den Eynde

After her studies (Master in Graphic design), Liesje Van den Eynde started working as a graphic designer at Varo NV in Lier. As a company in worldwide distribution of DIY material, Varo has an internal graphic department where, among other things, all the packaging, promotional material, catalogues are created. After five years as a designer, she moved to the position of creative director where the focus is more on team planning, work processes, design of the packaging and responsibility for the final product.

Manuel Poncelet

With over eight years of experience in the field of PIM, at Parsionate Manuel Poncelet is responsible for the cooperation with our technology partner Contentserv as Head of Competence Center. He places particular focus on a holistic view of customers and best practice-oriented consulting with regard to product data-oriented topics. Always with the ambition to successfully accompany customers in their digital transformation and to support them in achieving their goals. 

Arnold Nienhuis

Arnold is an accredited Senior Marketing Professional with international experience in marketing strategy and customer experience excellence. He is specialized in the digital transformation and integration of marketing technologies, data and analytics, master data management, and data governance implementation. He will be the host for the webinar. 

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