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Digital Product Passport

How and Why Companies Need to Act Now

This factsheet summarizes what the Digital Product Passport is all about. It gives impulses for implementation, answers frequently asked questions, and provides arguments for a convincing dialog with internal stakeholders.

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In the future, every physical product, whether it's a tool or an everyday item, will have its own Digital Product Passport. These digital companions are revolutionizing the way products are tagged, tracked and how information about them is provided.

In our factsheet, we highlight the importance of the Digital Product Passport for business and consumers and present technologies for its implementation. Discover how the Digital Product Passport improves product transparency and what benefits it offers. Learn how this technology creates new opportunities in consumer communication and what the first implementation steps in the company should look like.

Become a pioneer in product transparency and join us on the road to the Digital Product Passport. Download our factsheet and contact us for more information and support.


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