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Increased Sales Performance Around the Globe: Rothenberger Improves Data Management Strategy

11 April 2023
Ida Lorenz
Companies can only succeed and hold their own against the competition by efficiently using information. Parsionate supports ROTHENBERGER in optimizing information flows, using data more powerfully, and simplifying processes. Our goal: greater efficiency and productivity through software-based automation.

ROTHENBERGER is a leading global supplier of pipe tools and machines for plumbing, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, gas, and environmental technology. To maintain a top market position in an increasingly digital business and create improved customer benefits, the company decided to take a close look at its data strategy. The aim was to increase the degree of automation in the flow of information and to quickly provide trading partners with up-to-date product data, including classification standards.

The existing PIM system and the established working methods reached capacity limits due to the company's growth, so a data strategy with standardized business processes and a single point of truth became necessary.

Compared to the previous maintenance process, product data maintenance at ROTHENBERGER is now 60-70% faster than before.

On the way to media-neutral product information and accurate product data, Parsionate supported the team with a PIM health check, the identification of requirements, a vendor-independent PIM system selection, and the implementation of the Contentserv PIM system.

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"Contentserv and Parsionate immediately understood our requirements and proposed suitable solutions for our use case. We are pleased that in the future we will be able to maintain content much more easily and deliver it more efficiently across all marketing channels."

Bastian Seib, Head of Product Data Management / Head of Marketing Technology at ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge GmbH

Be inspired by our success story and learn how ROTHENBERGER increased the benefits for trade partners through a new data strategy, plus optimized and accelerated workflows. There are plenty of new insights to discover here.

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