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Throwback Informatica World and more about the latest product innovations – including interviews

15 August 2022
Tobias Wrobel
Informatica aims to support enterprises with complex and strategic data management and engineering initiatives by launching innovations for its Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC). We wanted to understand the initiatives in more detail and spoke with Informatica product managers and executives at their annual event, Informatica World, in Las Vegas.

The reality is that data is the one thing that unites all areas of the business and furthermore it's the only thing you really own in the cloud. Amit Walia, CEO at Informatica, therefore encourages "treating data as your platform". To make it as easy as possible for enterprises to manage this one thing, the data you own, Informatica 2021 has launched the Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), a SaaS offering and the next step in its own evolution to a cloud-first data management software vendor.

In 2022, Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) platform has been enhanced to include solutions and tools designed to simplify data management and engineering tasks for enterprises. Given the global shortage of skilled workers and economic uncertainty, companies need more assistance in this area, was the message at Informatica World. The key innovations showcased at the event relate to investments in the areas of: end-to-end data management, AI-powered data analytics, data governance and application integration. In addition, ready-to-use industry solutions such as IDMC for retail, financial services or healthcare were introduced. 

Within the IDMC platform, Informatica combines seven major components: Data Integration, API and Application Integration, Data Quality, Data Catalog, Master Data Management and 360 Applications, Governance & Privacy, and the Data Marketplace, which can be combined in such a way that it enables enterprises in the four major data management journeys to be served: 

  • Analytics, AI & Data Warehouse and Lake 
  • Application Integration & Hyperautomation 
  • Master Data Management & 360 Applications 
  • Data Governance & Privacy 

All components rely on Claire (AI-powered metadata intelligence and automation technology) and a common metadata system. 

A 360-degree view of business is more valuable today than ever before. It empowers executives to optimize business strategies with insightful data that supports strategic initiatives such as customer experience, supply chain resilience, digital commerce, financial management, and more. To better understand what innovations Informatica has developed in this area and what is planned, we spoke with Manouj Tahiliani, GVP & GM Master Data Management and Business 360 solutions as well as with Prash Chandramohan, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Master Data Management & 360 Applications. 

Furthermore, Informatica strongly addresses the needs of developers, data scientists and data engineers. With INFACore there is now a "Headless Data Management", which is to be understood as a simple plug-in for development and data science frameworks. By converting thousands of lines of code into a single function, it is supposed to make the creation of data pipelines extremely faster and easier. In addition, by offering a no-code platform within IDMC, it is expected that organizations can more easily advance their data democratization efforts. We spoke with Ruma Sanyal, Senior Director Product Marketing for Analytics, AI & Data Warehouse and Lake at Informatica about Informatica's developments in the integration space. 

As a guest, we brought our customer Mario John from Festo to the event. In addition to the intensive exchange with the Informatica community, Mario also took the opportunity to present Festo's Data Strategy Roadmap in a keynote session. Insights on the presentation and Mario's highlights from the event are summarized in the following interview

Being a Platinum Enterprise Partner of Informatica for many years, an interview with Aslam Jamal, Vice President World Wide Channels, is of course not to be missed. In the interview, he explains why Informatica is so focused on its partner network and will continue to be in the future. With his statement: "You're able to transform our technology into business value for our customers", Aslam makes the added value of a collaboration between customers and Informatica and a consulting partner very clear.

If you're now curious about what our customers are doing with Informatica's solution offering, you should watch the following webinar. Jürgen Mayer from Hoffmann Group talked about the data strategy and data management journey in collaboration with Informatica and us in our webinar. Watch on-demand now!

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