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Study: Rethink. Print.
The role of print in today's product communication is complex and fascinating. We invite you to discover the latest insights in our new study “Rethink. Print.” With an up-to-date and objective assessment of the print medium, we would like to support you in making well-founded decisions for your optimal media mix in management, marketing and sales.
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Print is often considered to be outdated and therefore no longer relevant, but is this really justified? By questioning print under today’s conditions, re-evaluating it and re-locating it in the context of product communication, we would like to invite you to take a fresh and unbiased look at the medium of print.

Together with independent consulting and analyst company SIMIO, we have developed several hypotheses that were checked for plausibility in a large-scale online survey. What role does print play in purchasing decisions? How can mass communication in print be individualized? And how can the strategic use of print communication become a competitive advantage in a digitalized world?

As decision-makers in management and marketing, this study is intended to provide you with a sound basis for discussion in order to re-evaluate the medium of print in your own context and make valid budget decisions on the basis of this evaluation.

Read now about the role print plays in product communication today and the potential the medium has to offer beyond that!

A SIMIO study in collaboration with Parsionate, priint Group, Laudert and SDZeCOM.

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