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Heike Zenkel: Women in Tech, Data and Analytics

30 June 2021
Ida Lorenz

We are very committed to promoting more diversity in the male-dominated field of Technology, Data and Analytics. Diversity of experience, perspective, and talent within organisation can add significant value to the organisation as a unit.

According to the study „Women in the Workplace 2020“, sponsored by McKinsey & Company and Lean In, companies can provide more opportunities for women and reduce fluctuation by building a more flexible and empathetic workplace in order to be successful together in the long term. It is also important to create role models that women can look to for guidance.

In today's guest article, we would like to share with you what Heike Zenkel, Senior Team Head Content Management Global e-Commerce at PUMA Group, has to say about female leaders in data management. This is our contribution to raise awareness of great women who are setting an example with their careers.

My day starts with 

a coffee and a walk with Otto, my Dalmatian. Fresh air and happy feelings.

In my role I am 

grateful every day for my IT background and my sense of pragmatism.

I chose data management because 

it is easy to bring order into the chaos and with consistent data our business processes function better.

Working within the company has helped me 

to gain experience abroad and to always be able to work with female mentors.

The most challenging thing about my job is 

to daily step out of my comfort zone and work productively as a global team with our regional teams.

To promote diversity in tech, companies need 

to be more convinced by personality and not let work experience or knowledge be the only deciding factor. Flexible working time models, especially in global companies, open up more opportunities to get good talents.

When selecting people to join my team, I make sure 

that they harmonise well with the existing team. Professional competence is not the only deciding factor. I usually listen to my instincts. We are a very international team and that is very exciting.

The advice I would give to my 18-year-old self is: 

No matter what you decide now, things will turn out differently anyway. Do not worry and find your way.

Networking is very important in the professional world. I advise women 

to exchange ideas with strangers. It gave me more self-confidence and was a lot of fun. Looking at your own field from different angles is worth a fortune.

My book recommendation is „Invisible Women“ because 

it is about a world dominated by data that ignores half the population. A world designed for men. Not a feminist book, more an observation about the gender data gap.

Heike Zenkel

Senior Team Head Content Management Global e-Commerce
PUMA Group

To learn more about Heike Zenkel, please visit her LinkedIn profile page.

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Heike Zenkel

Senior Team Head Content Management Global e-Commerce
PUMA Group

Um mehr über Heike Zenkel zu erfahren, besuchen Sie bitte ihre LinkedIn-Profil-Seite.

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