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Informatica Product 360 Brings AI-Powered Automation to Drive the Digital Commerce

11 February 2021
Prash Chandramohan
The COVID-19 crisis continues to accelerate the shift towards eCommerce. The coronavirus has rapidly increased online grocery sales and buy online and pick up in-store orders since March 2020. Consumers worldwide are increasingly turning to eCommerce during this crisis because social distancing measures and shelter-in-place orders have made online shopping a more convenient option—or, in some cases, the only way—to get the goods they need.

When it comes to digital commerce, there are winners and laggards. As evidenced in the latest news this month, companies that didn't invest in digital capabilities are closing their brick-and-mortar locations. And although this trend will continue, we have seen a few companies winning in this new digital economy:

Here at Informatica, we have a significant focus on helping our customers win in the digital economy. Working with parsionate, one of our strategic partners in the product information management (PIM) space, we continue to invest heavily in our Product 360 solution to help you emerge as a winner.

Towards this effort, I am excited to share the availability of Product 360 10.1 as we kick off 2021. We have bundled many great features and innovations to deliver product content to your customers and prospects more effectively across digital channels and drive successful digital commerce initiatives. Here are a few key highlights:

Modernized look and feel

Product 360 now offers a bright and fresh user experience. This revised look and feel creates a more responsive experience for your users and improves productivity by intuitively guiding them in the product data management tasks such as SKU creation, editing items, adding images, and more.

Automated classification with AI-based recommendation

With Informatica's CLAIRE™ engine, Product 360 can now use machine learning to classify product data into product taxonomies automatically. Product 360 can auto-suggest classifications and reduce painful manual work by learning from existing product structures and relationships.

CLAIRE Recommendation Services Accelerator

Visual UI to track product changes, history, and audit trail

Product 360 captures changes made to product data by different users and shows history in an easy-to-understand, new visual interface. It provides historical views and granular details of all the changes for each product and allows you to easily roll back to a prior version.

New API to see complete product details

We added a new Object API to help deliver complete information about a single item anywhere you need it. By leveraging the in-memory cache, this new API is a perfect addition to our growing API stack designed to help deliver rich product data in real-time across multiple channels.

Swagger UI for visual API management

We added a dedicated UI and aptly named it Swagger UI to help manage all the APIs in one place. This new UI offers everything you need to interact with API resources and their operations. Designed to increase your team's productivity, Swagger UI helps business users and workflow designers visually interact with the rich set of APIs on offer.

New UI

Robust Performance to support digital commerce growth

We have made many enhancements to increase the performance of Product 360. Our solution is now more robust and helps organizations effectively address the demand for digital sales as mass product data updates and high load operations have become a norm.

Meeting customers when and where they want to be engaged has become a critical success factor. Omnichannel customer engagement is more vital today than ever before, as customers use many channels when they interact with organizations. It will be impossible to deliver a personalized customer experience without understanding how customers use and experience your products across different channels.

As you improve your customer-facing processes and touchpoints to create your organization's personalization journey, Informatica and parsionate are here to help you succeed in your digital commerce initiatives. We have a great solution and even greater collaboration that brings industry expertise and great PIM skills. If you want to learn more about Product 360 v10.1 release, tune into our webinar.

Questions? Want to know more? Reach out to me on Twitter at @MDMGeek or connect with me on LinkedIn.

 Prash Chandramohan is a customer-focused product marketer, responsible for Informatica’s master data management (MDM) and 360-solutions. Passionate about MDM, Prash brings a breadth of knowledge and experience working with customers around the world. As an industry thought leader in master data management, data quality, and data governance, he shares best practices, expertise, and guidance in his award-winning blog Recognized as a top Big Data, Analytics, and MDM social media influencer, he can be found data-tweeting with the Twitter community as @MDMGeek. 

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