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Sales Growth Meets Sustainability: Two Worlds (Don’t) Collide at HEMA

19 October 2023

Read our new success story to learn how HEMA secures the company future by improving product data.

HEMA is a Dutch variety chain store that offers a wide range of high-quality products that last longer at affor-dable prices – with a special focus on design. In addition to bricks and mortar retail, the company is increasingly investing in its online platforms to ensure a consistent shopping experience for its customers around the globe 24/7.

In the Dutch market in particular, more and more customers are researching online stores before heading into the store in person. While HEMA’s old PIM system did provide product data for the website, only a few employees had access and the data in question was often outdated. As a result, stakeholders started phoning or emailing product managers directly to request product information – a pretty serious, and avoidable, effort to coordinate.

With Parsionate’s support, HEMA was able to improve the quality and relevance of its product data online, which in turn enhanced the buying experience and en-couraged even more customers to shop.

Thanks to the new PIM system, employees now also have all the data they need to evidence compliance with sustainability standards at the touch of a button. This is not only great for the company’s transparency, but it also reduces its liability risks.

Read the full success story

„By realizing this project, we’ve laid the foundation for our company’s future. With this data leadership, we gained many years of progression.”

Ingmar Hensbergen
Manager Category Support, HEMA B.V.

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